Appropriate definition

Appropriate means the treatment's timing and setting are proper and cost effective. Medical treatments which are not proven, effective and appropriate are not covered by the Plan.
Appropriate means that the services or supports or activities provided or undertaken by the organization are relevant to the consumer’s needs, situation, problems, or desires.
Appropriate means the treatment's timing and setting are proper and cost effective.

Examples of Appropriate in a sentence

  • Appropriate mitigation measures and/or monitoring may be a condition of any approval.

  • Appropriate engineering controls:Ensure good ventilation of the work station.

  • Appropriate water pollution control practices shall be in place before precipitation.The Contractor may discontinue earthwork operations for a disturbed area for up to 21 days and the disturbed soil area will still be considered active.

  • Appropriate for each season as described in "Implementation Requirements" of these special provisions.

  • Appropriate instrumentation shall be installed to monitor the performance of air pollution management system(s) including the emission extraction device and relevant abatement plant(s).

More Definitions of Appropriate

Appropriate clothing means a supply of clothing that is sufficient, in good repair, accounts for a variety of occasions and seasons, and appropriate to age, size, gender, and level of activity. Modification or adaptation of clothing fasteners should be considered based on the needs of an individual with a physical disability to be independent.
Appropriate means to legally obligate by contract or otherwise commit to use by appropriation or other official act of a governmental entity.
Appropriate means nothing less than effective, suitable, proper or fitting to redress or undo the prejudice, impropriety, unlawful enrichment or corruption, in a particular case;
Appropriate means those parts of each client's record are most likely (or known) to be needed by the residential staff to carry out the client's active treatment program in the unit; to alert staff to health risks and other aspects of medical treatment; to support the psychosocial needs of the client; to contact family or emergency contacts, and to provide anything else necessary to the staff's ability to work on behalf of the client.
Appropriate means at the closing market price for bonds with a remaining term equal to or nearest to the period, on or most recently before the day the Commitment is made, as published by the Bank of Canada. Where there is no such remaining term nearer to the period than all the others, the nearest longer remaining term will apply.
Appropriate means taking patient safety and cost effectiveness into consideration. When specifically applied to In-Patient Treatment, medically necessary also means that diagnosis cannot be made, or Treatment cannot be safely and effectively provided on an Out-Patient basis.