Direct care staff definition

Direct care staff means a facility employee whose primary responsibility is to provide personal care services to residents. These personal care services may include:
Direct care staff means those staff persons who provide a homelike environment for the residents and assist or supervise the resident in meeting the goals in the resident’s program plan.
Direct care staff means staff who personally provide direct services to consumers. Personnel who are responsible for other staff functions may be considered direct care staff only during that time when they are providing direct services to consumers or are involved in program preparation functions;

Examples of Direct care staff in a sentence

  • Direct Care Staff includes, but is not limited to: registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nurse aides, aides and respiratory therapists.

  • Direct Care Staff Training Training shall be specific to the functions and responsibilities of each staff member.

  • If Subcontractor is Direct Care Staff, it agrees to operate only within the scope of its professional practice and training.

  • The Peak ensures that at least one Direct Care Staff (DCS) will always accompany a group of one to five students to their assigned classrooms; two DCS will accompany a group of six through ten students; and three DCS will accompany groups of eleven or more.

  • Upon the execution of this Agreement: (i) Subcontractor shall maintain and provide to Cenpatico a list of Direct Care Staff, and shall update Cenpatico within ten (10) days in any change to the list of the Direct Care Staff by written notice, and (ii) Subcontractor shall furnish to Cenpatico the required provider information including, but not limited to, name, State license number, specialty, board status, NPI, and agency/hospital affiliation.

More Definitions of Direct care staff

Direct care staff means nursing, activity, social and therapy staff.
Direct care staff means Staff in Regular Contact or Staff in Direct Contact with residents who provide personal or nursing services to residents, including administrators and managers providing such services.
Direct care staff means facility staff that personally provide direct supervision and special services to consumers, as defined in Section 56002(a). The term includes the licensee, the administrator, management, supervisory, and lead staff during that time when they are providing direct supervision and special services to consumers.
Direct care staff means any nursing or therapy staff who provides direct, hands-on care to residents in a nursing facility; and
Direct care staff means the individuals employed by or working under contract for an adult care home who assist residents in activities of daily living. These activities may include the following:
Direct care staff means employees and volunteers of a provider who provide direct services to clients.
Direct care staff means persons who provide daily supervision and direct care to group care children and youth. "DLR" means the division of licensed resources within children's administration. DLR licenses and monitors foster homes, child placing agencies and licensed group care facili-