Definition of Temporary increase

Temporary increase means the several temporary increases, by each of the Temporary Increase Lenders, of their respective Multicurrency Revolving Commitments, as specified on Schedule I and as reduced from time to time in accordance with Sections 2.08(e)(iii) and 2.08(f), taken as a whole. The Temporary Increase shall expire on the Temporary Increase Expiry Date.

Examples of Temporary increase in a sentence

Buyer may from time to time, in its sole and absolute discretion, consent to such Temporary Increase, which consent shall be in writing as evidenced by Buyers delivery to Seller of a countersigned Request for Temporary Increase.
Seller may request Transactions in excess of the Aggregate Transaction Limit and Buyer may, from time to time, in its sole and absolute discretion, consent to a Temporary Increase of the Aggregate Transaction Limit in accordance with Section 2.10.
The SBA shall make adjustments to the Projected Payout Multiple in order to reimburse the optional Temporary Increase in Coverage Limit (TICL) Options coverage based on the SBA's ongoing evaluation of potential losses and capacity.
Seller may request a temporary increase of the Aggregate Transaction Limit (a Temporary Increase) by submitting to Buyer an executed request for Temporary Increase in the form of Exhibit O hereto (a Request for Temporary Increase), setting forth the requested increased Aggregate Transaction Limit (such increased amount, the Temporary Aggregate Transaction Limit), the effective date and time of such Temporary Increase and the date and time on which such Temporary Increase shall terminate.
Upon the termination of a Temporary Increase, Seller shall repurchase Purchased Assets in order to reduce the Aggregate Outstanding Purchase Price to the Aggregate Transaction Limit (as reduced by the termination of such Temporary Increase) in accordance with Section 4.2(j).