Subdivided definition

Subdivided means to divide, apportion, consolidate, or subdivide the Lands, or the ownership or right to possession or occupation of the Lands into two or more lots, strata lots, parcels, parts, portions, or shares, whether by plan, descriptive words or otherwise, under the Land Title Act, the Strata Property Act, or otherwise, and includes the creation, conversion, organization, or development of "cooperative interests" or "shared interest in land" as defined in the Real Estate Development Marketing Act;
Subdivided means to cause land to be divided into separate developed or developable lots that are or may be owned by different persons. “Time Extension Certification” means a Certification issued by the City Manager in connection with a Title Transfer transaction to a Property Owner, or to a transferee, that extends the deadline to obtain a Certification not to exceed 180 days from the date the Time Extension Certification is issued.
Subdivided means the division of land into two or more parcels (including Air Space Parcels) by any means, including by deposit of a subdivision, reference or other plan under the Land Title Act, lease, fractional interest, or deposit of a strata plan or a bare land strata plan under the Strata Property Act (including deposit of any phase of a phased strata plan);

Examples of Subdivided in a sentence

  • Subdivided into compartments of required minimum length extending over full width of basket by inserting partition of same mesh as basket.

  • Subdivided residential parks not required to have park liaison committee (Act s.

  • Subdivided lots are sometimes sold to new owners prior to completion of construction.

  • This Agreement burdens and runs with the Land and every parcel into which it is Subdivided.

  • Subdivided unit households are only applicable to households without separate CLP accounts.

  • The Proposed Subdivided Shares to be issued shall, upon issue and allotment, rank pari passu in all respects amongst themselves.

  • The LGA are t Sub-divided in to District which are made up of various village area/group.

  • In order to alleviate the difficulties arising from the odd lots of Subdivided Shares arising from the Share Subdivision and the proposed change of board lot size, the Company has appointed China Galaxy International Securities (Hong Kong) Co., Limited as an agent to provide matching services for sale and purchase of odd lots of Subdivided Shares of Shareholders.

  • Holders of the Shares in odd lots should note that successful matching of the sale and purchase of odd lots of the Subdivided Shares is not guaranteed.

  • As for paragraph 6(d), C&SD has commissioned a survey on households living in sub-divided units (SDUs) in its Thematic Household Survey on Housing Conditions of Sub-divided Units in Hong Kong in 2015 (2015 THS).

More Definitions of Subdivided

Subdivided means registration of a subdivision plan with the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC and for clarity does not mean application for or issuance of a Preliminary Subdivision Review (PSR) by the Municipal Approval Officer. Restrictions on Use, Development and Subdivision

Related to Subdivided

  • Subdivider means a person who causes land to be subdivided or who proposes a subdivision

  • Subdivide means to divide, apportion, consolidate or subdivide the Land, or the ownership or right to possession or occupation of the Land into two or more lots, strata lots, parcels, parts, portions or shares, whether by plan, descriptive words or otherwise, under the Land Title Act, the Strata Property Act, or otherwise, and includes the creation, conversion, organization or development of “cooperative units” or “shared interests in land” as defined in the Real Estate Act;

  • Reclassification means the upgrading of a position to a higher classification as a result of the gradual increase of the duties being performed by the incumbent in that position.

  • Minor subdivision means a subdivision that creates five or fewer lots from a tract of record.

  • semi-detached dwelling means a building divided vertically into two dwelling units each of which has a separate entrance and access to grade;

  • Local Subdivision means any county, municipal corporation, township, sanitary district or regional water and sewer district of the State.

  • Subdivision Plat means the graphical representation of the subdivision of land, prepared by a licensed professional land surveyor, having a number or letter designation for each lot within the plat and a succinct name or title that is unique for the county where the land is located.

  • Combined means devices having separate apparent surfaces, but a common light source and a common lamp body;

  • single detached dwelling and “single detached” means a residential building consisting of one dwelling unit that is not attached to another structure above grade. For greater certainty, a residential building consisting of one dwelling unit that is attached to another structure by footings only shall be considered a single-family dwelling for the purposes of this by-law;

  • Recapitalization means any stock dividend, stock split, combination of shares, reorganization, recapitalization, reclassification or other similar event.

  • Converted each refers to a conversion of Advances of one Type into Advances of the other Type pursuant to Section 2.08 or 2.09.

  • Lots means all machinery and all other items sold or intended to be sold in accordance with these conditions and listed on an Entry Form as goo

  • Conversion Number means the number, or formula for determining the number, of ordinary Shares into which a Converting Preference Share will convert upon conversion.

  • Subdivision means the division of a piece of land into two or more portions;

  • Dwelling means any building, structure, or portion thereof which is occupied as, or designed or intended for occupancy as, a residence by one or more families, and any vacant land which is offered for sale or lease for the construction or location thereon of any such building, structure, or portion thereof.

  • Multiple Dwelling means a building containing three or more dwelling units.

  • Classes means, with respect to the Trust (of any Series thereof), any unissued Shares of the Trust (or such Series) in respect of which the Trustees shall from time to time fix and determine any special provisions relating to sales charges, any rights of redemption and the price, terms and manner of redemption, special and relative rights as to dividends and other distributions and on

  • Tract means 2 or more parcels that share a common property line and are under the same ownership.

  • semi-detached building means a building detached on three sides with open space as specified in these Regulations.

  • Conversion Consideration shall have the meaning specified in Section 14.12(a).

  • Proportionately means that the ratio of the actual Annual Special Tax levy to the applicable Special Tax is equal for all applicable Assessor’s Parcels.

  • Townhouse means a building, other than a plex, stacked townhouse or apartment building, containing at least 3 dwelling units, each dwelling unit separated vertically from the other by a party wall and each dwelling unit having a separate entrance to grade;

  • FILOT or “FILOT Payments” shall mean the amount paid or to be paid in lieu of ad valorem property taxes as provided herein.

  • new dwelling means, for the purposes of the definition of “second authority” and paragraphs 91, 98 and 103, the dwelling to which an applicant has moved, or is about to move, in which the applicant will be resident;

  • Multiple-family dwelling means a property containing 5 or more residential units, including those which are occupied seasonally.

  • Acre-foot means the amount of water necessary to cover one acre of land to the depth of one foot, or 325,851 U.S. gallons of water.