Townhouse definition

Townhouse means a building, other than a plex, stacked townhouse or apartment building, containing at least 3 dwelling units, each dwelling unit separated vertically from the other by a party wall and each dwelling unit having a separate entrance to grade;
Townhouse means a Residential Building other than a Plex, Stacked Townhouse, Back-to-Back Townhouse or an Apartment Building, that is vertically divided into a minimum of three Dwelling Units, each of which has an independent entrance to Grade , and each of which shares a common wall with adjoining Dwelling Units above Grade;
Townhouse means a dwelling in a row of units in which each unit has its own front and rear access to the outside, no unit is located over another unit, and each unit is separated from any other unit by one or more vertical common walls.

Examples of Townhouse in a sentence

  • The proposed zoning modifications to the parent “RT-20” (Townhouse - Maisonette) District are explained below: Commercial Uses The proposal has provided for the inclusion of local commercial uses in the ground floor of the Maisonette buildings fronting onto Beach Boulevard (see Appendix “D”).

  • If the Tribunal determines that the planning policies permit the placement of five townhouses at this location within the Bennington Heights neighbourhood it remains to determine whether the Development conforms to the Townhouse Infill Guidelines, is good urban design and is appropriate for its Site location.

  • The Owner is proposing a 3.0 m front yard setback for dwellings in the RS1 Residential Semi- Detached Zone One and RT1 Residential Townhouse Zone.

  • Nelson School Townhouse Permeable Paver Application, Stillwater Motion by Tom MacCarthy, seconded by John Funk, to approve a water quality grant not to exceed $250.00 for the installation per plans of a 450 square foot permeable paver sidewalk at 1018 First Street South.

  • ISSUES [24] As the evidence was presented in the hearing, and upon the submissions of counsel for the parties, the common general planning issues relate to whether the proposed Development permitted by the three draft planning instruments will be consistent with the PPS, conform with the Growth Plan, and conform to the City’s OP and related planning policies and guidelines (including the Infill Townhouse Design Guidelines), and represent good planning.

More Definitions of Townhouse

Townhouse means a dwelling unit that is part of a row of two or more attached dwelling units, where each unit is located on an individual Lot or Parcel and shares at least one common wall with an adjacent dwelling unit.
Townhouse means a house consisting of three or more dwelling units on a lot, where each dwelling unit has direct ground level access, or indirect ground level access by way of a staircase shared by not more than two dwelling units on the same storey, and each dwelling unit is attached to another dwelling unit. TRANSITIONAL HOUSING means self contained housing units in a purpose designed building that are viewed as an interim housing step with occupants moving to more permanent housing once their situation has stabilized. This type of housing accommodates stays from 30 days to 36 months and incorporates a range of support services which address the needs of occupants. It does not include a detoxification or medical facility.(BYLAW 7201, 2007)
Townhouse means a series of individual houses, having architectural unity and a common wall between each unit, provided that each unit extends from the ground to the roof.
Townhouse means a building divided vertically into three (3) or more attached dwelling units by common walls extending from the base of the foundation to the roof line, each dwelling unit having a separate entrance at grade, and so located on a lot that individual units may not have legal frontage on a public street.
Townhouse means a residential building other than an apartment building, that is vertically divided into a minimum of three dwelling units, each of which has an independent entrance to grade, and each of which shares a common wall with adjoining dwelling units above grade;
Townhouse means a building that has no more than ten (10) Dwelling Units erected in a row as a single building, each being separate from the adjoining unit or units by an approved masonry, party or partition wall or walls, thus creating distinct and non-communicating Dwelling Units, such units intended for separate ownership or rental, and shall include stacked Dwelling Units.
Townhouse means a series of individual apartments or units having architectural unity and common elements, with each apartment or unit extending from ground to roof or from the first or second floor to roof, and where apartments or units may share a common wall or be freestanding structures, including townhouse projects that are created pursuant to chapters [514A,] 514B[,] and 421J, as well as projects that are not created pursuant to those chapters but are governed by an association; provided that "townhouse" shall not include any apartments or units located in a building of more than three stories."