Subdivider definition

Subdivider means any person who offers for sale or lease six
Subdivider means a person who causes land to be subdivided or who proposes a subdivision of land.
Subdivider means any person who offers for sale or lease six or more lots, parcels or fractional interests in a subdivision or who causes land to be subdivided into a subdivision for the subdivider or for others, or who undertakes to develop a subdivision, but does not include a public agency or officer authorized by law to create subdivisions.

Examples of Subdivider in a sentence

  • Additional information may be required of the Subdivider to assist city staff in their review.

  • The Subdivider shall deliver copies as required by the County Register of Deeds to the Authorized Official for signature.

  • The purpose of the Plat is to provide the Subdivider with the legal authority to begin transferring or building upon lots in a subdivision.

  • The purpose of the Concept Plan is to spur discussions between the Subdivider and the City; for each party to provide input into the proposed subdivision; for the Subdivider to gain a better understanding of the City’s plans prior to expending funds on preliminary design; and to reduce significant design changes as the plans progress.

  • After all Engineering Submittals are approved and prior to platting, the Subdivider may request a Grading Permit to begin earthwork activities on the site.

More Definitions of Subdivider

Subdivider means any owner of subdivided land who offers it for disposition or the principal agent of an inactive owner.
Subdivider means a person, firm, corporation, partnership or association who proposes to divide, divides or causes to be divided real property into a subdivision for himself or for others except that employees and consultants of such persons or entities, acting in such capacity, are not “subdividers.”
Subdivider means the owner of the property being subdivided, or such other person or entity empowered to act on the owner’s behalf.
Subdivider means any person who lays out any subdivision or parts thereof either for the account of the subdivider or others;
Subdivider means any individual, firm, association, syndicate, copartnership, corporation, trust or any other legal entity commencing proceedings under these Subdivision Regulations to effect a subdivision or land hereunder for himself or for another.
Subdivider means any person, group, corporation, partnership, or other entity, or any agency thereof, dividing or proposing to divide land so as to constitute a subdivision.