Severity definition

Severity means the dollar amount of losses on claims.
Severity means the seriousness of a violation as determined by actual or potential negative outcomes for residents and subsequent ac­ tual or potential for harm. Outcomes include any negative effect on the resident's physical, mental or psychosocial well being (i.e., safety, quality of life, quality of care).
Severity means the impact levels of an error, defect or malfunction, which under Maintenance are determined by TIBCO as follows: "Severity 1" is an emergency production situation where the Software is totally inoperable or fails catastrophically and there is no workaround; "Severity 2" is a detrimental situation (and there is no workaround) where (a) performance degrades substantially under reasonable loads causing a severe impact on use, (b) the Software is usable but materially incomplete; or (c) one or more mainline functions or commands is inoperable; "Severity 3" is where the Software is usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient manner; and "Severity 4" is a minor problem or documentation error. "Software" means the most current, generally available object code version on all Platforms then currently available. Software does not include multiple Platforms if the software product licensed on a Platform specific basis as designated in the Software product name or as otherwise listed in an Ordering Document, including its Documentation and any subsequent Updates provided under Maintenance. For the purposes of the product definitions where "TIBCO Software" or "Licensor Software" is used it shall have the same meaning as "Software". "TIBCO" means TIBCO Software Inc.

Examples of Severity in a sentence

  • Client must log a Severity 1 support ticket with the IBM technical support help desk within 24 hours of first becoming aware that there is a critical business impact and the Cloud Service is not available.

  • If Severity Units are required for Turbidity, use the following table to determine the value between 0 and 4 that is reported.

  • Severity, pervasiveness, and objective offensiveness are evaluated based on the totality of the circumstances from the perspective of a reasonable person in the same or similar circumstances (“in the shoes of the Complainant”), including the context in which the alleged incident occurred and any similar, previous patterns that may be evidenced.

  • N/A 1 Business Hour 1 hour 1 hour Severity 2 (High): A problem where the Software is functioning but your use in a production environment is severely reduced.

  • If you have purchased Premium Red Hat Software Subscriptions, you will receive 24x7 Support for Severity 1 and 2 issues through Red Hat’s 24x7 Production Support teams and not necessarily from your assigned TAM representative.

More Definitions of Severity

Severity means the seriousness of a violation as deter- mined by the actual or potential negative outcomes for clients and subsequent actual or potential for harm. Negative outcomes include any negative effect on the client's physical, mental, or psychosocial well-being (such as, safety, quality of life, quality of care).
Severity means the designation set by ExtraHop based on its technical assessment of the Error. Severity levels are defined as the following:
Severity. Severity is the level of impact, as determined by the Department, that a ticket has on the system as defined by the following: Emergency: The issue is a complete failure of the solution or a component or has severe financial or productivity implications to the Department. The issue does not have a workaround. Major: The issue is causing serious disruption to Department business. This issue may have a workaround, but the workaround is not obvious and is difficult. Moderate: The issue affects minor functionality and a small number of users, causing inconvenience for the Department or minor delays in agency business or prevents use of a fully supported service. The issue has a manageable workaround. Minor: The issue does not impact productivity or efficiency. It includes small errors that do not prevent or hinder functionality such as, typos, grammar mistakes, wrong terminology, general usability issues and styling.
Severity is a measure of the relative impact an Error has on the use of the Software, as defined by VMware, and assigned by Customer when opening a Support request. The following Severity levels apply to all Software:
Severity means the extent of the workers’ compensation medical and indemnity benefits which result or will result from the workplace injuries that a firefighter employer has reported to the Division of Workers’ Compensation.
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