Chronic toxicity definition

Chronic toxicity means concurrent and delayed adverse effects that occur only as a result of a chronic exposure.
Chronic toxicity means toxicity involving a stimulus that lingers or continues for a relatively long period relative to the life span of an organism. Chronic effects include, but are not limited to, lethality, growth impairment, behavioral modifications, disease and reduced reproduction.
Chronic toxicity means when the survival, growth, or reproduction, as applicable, for either test species, at the effluent dilution(s) designated in this permit (see Part I.C.), is significantly less (at the 95 percent confidence level) than that observed for the control specimens.

Examples of Chronic toxicity in a sentence

  • Chronic toxicity was assessed on a sample by sample basis, taking into account pH and water temperature at the time of sampling and using the calculations in the ANZECC (2000) guidelines.

More Definitions of Chronic toxicity

Chronic toxicity means that level of pollutants which would, over long durations or recurring exposure, cause a continuous, adverse or unacceptable response in organisms.
Chronic toxicity means the ability of a hazardous substance to cause injury or death to an organism resulting from repeated or constant exposure to the hazardous substance over an extended period of time.
Chronic toxicity means the long term effects on aquatic or terrestrial organisms from exposure to a toxic pollutant as deter- mined by whole or partial life−cycle tests.
Chronic toxicity means a toxic effect which occurs after repeated or prolonged exposure. Chronic effects may occur some time after exposure has ceased.
Chronic toxicity means a stimulus that lingers or continues for a long period of time, often one-tenth the life span or more. A chronic effect can be mortality, reduced growth, reproduction impairment, harmful changes in behavior, and other nonlethal effects.
Chronic toxicity means an adverse effect, such as reduced reproductive success or growth or poor survival of sensitive life stages occurring as a result of exposure to a substance for a period of time related to the life span of an organism and usually longer than that which causes acute toxicity.
Chronic toxicity means the ability of a chemical to cause an injurious or debilitating effect in an organism which results from repeated exposure to a chemical for a time period representing a substantial portion of the natural life expectancy of that organism.