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Infection means the entry and development or multiplication of an infectious agent in the body of humans and animals that may constitute a public health risk;
Infection means the invasion of the body with microorganisms or parasites, whether or not the invasion results in detectable pathologic effects.
Infection means the entry and development or multiplication of an infectious agent in the body of man or animals. Infection is not synonymous with infectious disease; the result may be inapparent or manifest. The presence of living infectious agents on exterior surfaces of the body, or upon articles of apparel or soiled articles, is not infection, but contamination of such surfaces and articles.

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Asymptomatic staff testing is an important component of Infection Prevention and Control, which all organisations and staff have a duty to adhere to.

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Serum should be sent to PHE National Infection Service Virus Reference Department (Colindale), which offers free, specialised serological testing for such children.

Infection prevention supplies and equipment are readily available.

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Infection means the entry and multiplication or persistence of a disease-causing organism (prion, virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite, or ectoparasite) in the body of an individual. An infection may be inapparent (i.e., without recognizable signs or symptoms but identifiable by laboratory means) or manifest (clinically apparent).
Infection means a condition caused by the multiplication of an infectious agent in the body.
Infection for purposes of determining qualification for an Enhancement, means any Infection that does not form the basis for an Excluded Infection-Related Revision Surgery and also satisfies the eligibility requirements set forth in Past Matrix II(c).
Infection means the entry and multiplication of an infectious agent in the body of a person or animal;
Infection means attack by any disease affecting forest trees which is
Infection means any infection in the revised hip that is diagnosed within 30 days after a Revision Surgery and determined to have been caused by the Revision Surgery.
Infection means the entry of agents of an infectious disease into living things and the multiplication of such agents in living things;