Maintenance Schedule definition

Maintenance Schedule means a document which describes the specific scheduled maintenance tasks and their frequency of completion necessary for the safe operation of those aircraft to which it applies;
Maintenance Schedule has the meaning set forth in Section 10.2.
Maintenance Schedule shall have the meaning set out in Clause 9.4 (Maintenance);

Examples of Maintenance Schedule in a sentence

  • An Inspection and Maintenance Schedule for all stormwater management facilities including routine and non-routine maintenance tasks to be performed.

  • A Maintenance Schedule for all drainage structures, including swales and ponds.

  • Respondent's Name: Licensing Maintenance Schedule INSTRUCTIONS FOR - Exhibit 1 (Table 2) - Professional Services Rate ScheduleIf you charge by the hour for professional services, provide a rate schedule, or range of hourly rates we could expect.

  • Without prejudice to the obligations specified in this Agreement, the Concessionaire shall operate the Bus Terminal such that it achieves or exceeds the performance indicators specified in this Article 21 (the “Key Performance Indicators”) and set forth in Operation and Maintenance Schedule of this Agreement.

  • At the Shipper's request, the Operator must provide the Shipper with its estimate of the Curtailment to Capacity available to the Shipper on each day of the planned outages specified in the Annual DBNGP Maintenance Schedule.

More Definitions of Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule means a schedule referred to in Clause 3.2.1(iii) detailing the maintenance required for the Vessel for the period from delivery to the next dry-docking of the Vessel thereafter for each subsequent 30 month period to coincide with Classification Society Intermediate Survey;
Maintenance Schedule means the time periods established for the project.
Maintenance Schedule is defined in Section 6.5 (Planned Downtime; Maintenance Program and Schedule).
Maintenance Schedule means the maintenance schedule set out in the Schedule.
Maintenance Schedule has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1(a).
Maintenance Schedule means a document detailing required storm water facility maintenance activities to be performed at specified intervals.
Maintenance Schedule means the schedule for all anticipated or unanticipated maintenance for the Facility, including both breakdown and preventative maintenance.