Toll Billing Exception Service (TBE definition

Toll Billing Exception Service (TBE means a service that allows End Users to restrict third number billing or collect calls to their lines.
Toll Billing Exception Service (TBE means a service thallot was End Users to restrict tihrd number billni g or collect calls to their lines.

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Post-Acute Transition Services means services that facilitate the continuum of care beyond the initial neurological insult through rehabilitation and community reintegration.
Prepaid calling service means the right to access exclusively telecommunications services, which must be paid for in advance and which enables the origination of calls using an access number or authorization code, whether manually or electronically dialed, and that is sold in predetermined units or dollars of which the number declines with use in a known amount.
Calling Name Delivery Service (CNDS means a service that enables a terminating End User to identify the calling Party by a displayed name before a call is answered. The calling Party’s name is retrieved from a calling name database and delivered to the End User’s premise between the first and second ring for display on compatible End User premises equipment.
Prepaid wireless calling service means a telecommunications service that provides the right to utilize mobile wireless service as well as other non-telecommunications services, including the download of digital products delivered electronically, content and ancillary services, which must be paid for in advance that is sold in predetermined units or dollars of which the number declines with use in a known amount.
Generation Service means the sale of electricity, including ancillary services such as the provision of reserves, to a Customer by a Competitive Supplier.
Payment Initiation Service Provider or “PISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service in which the PISP gives instructions to us on your behalf to carry out an Account transaction on your Online Payment Account where payments can be made using Digital Banking.
Interconnection Service means the services provided by an EDU or transmission provider for the applicant's distributed generation facility.
Self-service display means the open display or storage of Tobacco Products or Tobacco Paraphernalia in a manner that is physically accessible in any way to the general public without the assistance of the retailer or employee of the retailer and a direct person-to-person transfer between the purchaser and the retailer or employee of the retailer. A vending machine is a form of Self-Service Display.
Postpaid calling service means the telecommunications service obtained by making a payment on a call-by-call basis, either through use of a credit card or payment mechanism such as a bank card, travel card, credit card or debit card, or by charge made to a telephone number which is not associated with the origination or termination of the telecommunications service. A postpaid calling service includes a telecommunications service, except a prepaid wireless calling service that would be a prepaid calling service except it is not exclusively a telecommunication service.
Self-service storage facility means any real property designed and used for the purpose of renting or leasing individual storage space to occupants who are to have access to such for the purpose of storing and removing personal property. No occupant shall use a self-service storage facility for residential purposes. A self-service storage facility is not a warehouse as used in Article 7 of Title 6. If an owner issues any warehouse receipt, bill of lading or other document of title for the personal property stored, the owner and the occupant are subject to Article 7 of Title 6, and this chapter does not apply.
Contractor/Supplier/Tenderer/Bidder means the person or company whose tender is accepted by the Purchaser and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s successors, legal heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and permitted assignees.
Professional sports services contract means an agreement under which an individual is employed, or agrees to render services, as a player on a professional sports team, with a professional sports organization, or as a professional athlete.
Service Control Point or "SCP" means a node in the CCS network to which information requests for service handling, such as routing, are directed and processed. The SCP is a real time database system that, based on a query from a Service Switching Point (SSP), performs subscriber or application-specific service logic and then sends instructions back to the SSP on how to continue call processing.
Customer channel termination point means the location where the customer either inputs or receives the communications.
Independent Software Vendor or “ISV” means a Person that makes available to Participants and Authorized Traders a system or platform offering smart order routing, front-end trading applications, an aggregation platform or a combination of the foregoing but that does not provide Participants or Authorized Traders with the ability to effect transactions other than through the Trading System.
Delivery service means a person, including the United States Postal Service, that is engaged in the commercial delivery of letters, packages, or other containers.
Detailed telecommunications billing service means an ancillary service of separately stating information pertaining to individual calls on a customer's billing statement.
Toll Free Service means service provided with any dialing sequence that invokes Toll Free, i.e., 800-like, service processing. Toll Free Service currently includes calls to the Toll Free Service 800/888/877/866 NPA SAC codes.
Meet-Point Billing (MPB means the billing associated with interconnection of facilities between two (2) or more LECs for the routing of traffic to and from an IXC with which one of the LECs does not have a direct connection. In a multi-bill environment, each Party bills the appropriate tariffed rate for its portion of a jointly provided Switched Exchange Access Service.
Continuous emission monitoring system or "CEMS" means the equipment required under section 11 of this rule to sample, analyze, measure, and provide, by means of readings recorded at least once every fifteen (15) minutes, using an automated DAHS, a permanent record of mercury emissions, stack gas volumetric flow rate, stack gas moisture content, and oxygen or carbon dioxide concentration, as applicable, in a manner consistent with 40 CFR 75*. The following systems are the principal types of continuous emission monitoring systems required under section 11 of this rule:
Interconnection Service(s means any Interconnection, Resale Services, 251(c)(3) UNEs, Collocation, functions, facilities, products or services offered under this Agreement.
Channel migration zone (CMZ) means the area along a river within which the channel(s) can be reasonably predicted to migrate over time as a result of natural and normally occurring hydrological and related processes when considered with the characteristics of the river and its surroundings.
Approved Pricing Service means a pricing or quotation service as set forth in Schedule 1.01(a) or any other pricing or quotation service approved by the Board of Directors of the Borrower and designated in writing to the Administrative Agent (which designation shall be accompanied by a copy of a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Borrower that such pricing or quotation service has been approved by the Borrower).