Senior Agent definition

Senior Agent means such Person acting as administrative agent for the lenders party to the Principal Credit Agreement or, if there is only one lender thereunder, such lender.
Senior Agent has the meaning specified therefor in the Recitals hereto.

Examples of Senior Agent in a sentence

Thus, if the Plan is confirmed and Senior Agent does not transfer funds to the Debtor, Creditors will not be prejudiced.

If the Plan is confirmed, the greatest risk of non-payment is that Senior Agent will not transfer the Settlement Funds to the Debtor.

The Plan will be funded primarily from the Senior Agent releasing the Settlement Funds to the Debtor.

All persons are hereby informed that the principal parties to the Plan—the Debtor, NewCo, and the Senior Agent (NexBank)—are likely affiliates and insiders of one another, at least as defined in the Bankruptcy Code, through their relationship with Highland Capital Management, L.P. (“Highland”).

Even if the Debtor owns the Disputed Funds, as opposed to them being owned by the Senior Agent, the Senior Secured Lenders would still have a lien against the funds.

More Definitions of Senior Agent

Senior Agent means, for so long as the Senior Credit Agreement remains outstanding, Fleet National Bank, as administrative agent in respect of the Senior Credit Agreement, and thereafter, any one agent or lender in respect of the Senior Credit Facility, or a representative of either, designated in writing to the Holder by the Company as being the "Senior Agent".
Senior Agent means the Administrative Agent for the Lenders under the Senior Credit Agreement, and its successors in such capacity, or if there is then no acting Administrative Agent under the Senior Credit Agreement, persons holding a majority in principal amount of the Senior Debt outstanding thereunder.
Senior Agent means any agent or successor agent appointed under any Senior Credit Facility or the Existing Secured Notes to which any Subsidiary Guarantor is a party or designated as “Senior Agent” in any instrument or document evidencing Senior Debt.
Senior Agent means the Person acting as agent from time to time for and on behalf of the Senior Lenders under the Credit Facility, together with its successors and assigns in such capacity.
Senior Agent means LaSalle Bank National Association, as Administrative Agent for Senior Lenders, or any other Person appointed by the holders of the Senior Indebtedness as administrative agent for purposes of the Senior Loan Documents and this Agreement, together with the successors and assigns of all of the foregoing.
Senior Agent shall include, in addition to the Senior Agent referred to in the recitals hereto, the then acting collateral agent for the Senior Lenders (or if there is more than one agent, a majority of them) under the Senior Lender Documents and any successor thereto exercising substantially the same rights and powers, or if there is no acting Senior Agent under the Senior Credit Agreement, the Required Lenders.
Senior Agent means (a) with respect to any Revolving Loan Priority Collateral, the Revolving Agent and (b) with respect to any Term Loan Priority Collateral, the Term Loan Agent.