Senior Agent definition

Senior Agent means the Person acting as agent from time to time for and on behalf of the Senior Lenders under the Credit Facility, together with its successors and assigns in such capacity.
Senior Agent means the Administrative Agent under the Senior Credit Agreement.
Senior Agent has the meaning specified therefor in the Recitals hereto.

Examples of Senior Agent in a sentence

  • Nothing herein requires a different Senior Agent for each shift starting time.

  • Employees who are directed by the Senior Agent to handle an account for cash transactions relating to cargo will receive the following daily premium, which will be included in the employees’ base rates: Effective: March 14, 2007 Cashier Premium $10.00 Cashier Premium $10.00 per day effective on contract signing.

  • Subordinate Agent, on behalf of itself and the Subordinated Creditors, agrees that none of them shall contest (or support any other Person contesting) (A) any request by the Senior Agent or the Senior Creditors for adequate protection, or (B) any objection by the Senior Agent or the Senior Creditors to any motion, relief, action or proceeding based on the Senior Agent or the Senior Creditors claiming a lack of adequate protection.

  • Senior Agent and Subordinate Agent at any time, and from time to time, after the execution and delivery of this Subordination and Intercreditor Agreement, upon the reasonable request of the other party hereto and at the expense of Borrower, promptly will execute and deliver such further documents and do such further acts and things as such requesting party reasonably may request in order to effect fully the purposes of this Subordination and Intercreditor Agreement.

  • Each Guarantor shall take all such action as is available to it (including making all filings and registrations) as may be necessary, and shall promptly do all such acts or execute all such documents as the Super Senior Agent or the Security Agent may reasonably specify, for the purpose of the creation, perfection, protection or maintenance of the Agreement.

More Definitions of Senior Agent

Senior Agent means such Person acting as administrative agent for the lenders party to the Principal Credit Agreement or, if there is only one lender thereunder, such lender.
Senior Agent. Senior Arranger”, “Senior Borrower”, “Senior Creditor”, “Senior Guarantor”, “Senior Lender”, “Senior Secured Notes Guarantor”, “Senior Secured Notes Issuer”, “Senior Secured Notes Trustee”, “Senior Secured Noteholder”, “Subordinated Creditor”, “Permitted Affiliate Parent” or the “Company” shall be construed to be a reference to it in its capacity as such and not in any other capacity;
Senior Agent means, on any date, the Representative of the class of Senior Indebtedness having the highest principal amount (including all revolving credit, letter of credit and other working capital commitments) then outstanding.
Senior Agent means, for so long as the Senior Credit Agreement remains outstanding, Fleet National Bank, as administrative agent in respect of the Senior Credit Agreement, and thereafter, any one agent or lender in respect of the Senior Credit Facility, or a representative of either, designated in writing to the Holder by the Company as being the "Senior Agent".
Senior Agent has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Senior Agent shall have the meaning assigned to the term “Agent” in the Senior Loan Agreement.
Senior Agent means The Bank of Nova Scotia, in its capacity as administrative agent for the Secured Parties under the Senior Credit Agreement, and includes any successor administrative agent appointed pursuant to the Senior Credit Agreement.