Senior Lender definition

Senior Lender means each holder of a Senior Note.
Senior Lender has the meaning provided in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
Senior Lender means the Entity named as such in the first paragraph on page 1 of this Agreement, its successors and assigns.

Examples of Senior Lender in a sentence

  • This Agreement shall be effective and may not be terminated or otherwise revoked by Junior Lender until all of Borrower’s obligations to Senior Lender related to the Loan (the “Obligations”) shall have been fully paid and discharged and all financing arrangements between Borrower and Senior Lender have been terminated.

  • Senior Lender shall be entitled to manage and supervise the Obligations and other financial accommodations to Borrower without regard to the existence of any rights that Junior Lender may now or hereafter have in or to any of the assets of Borrower.

  • Junior Lender further covenants that the entire Junior Debt shall continue to be owing only to Junior Lender unless it is assigned, in whole or in part, (which assignment may occur without the prior consent of Senior Lender) to a person who agrees with Senior Lender to be bound by the subordination provisions set forth herein.

  • No amendment, waiver, or consent shall, without the prior written consent of Senior Lender: (i) subordinate or have the effect of subordinating any Obligations to any other indebtedness or obligations of any other party; or (ii) subordinate or have the effect of subordinating the Senior Lien to any other lien or encumbrance related to any other indebtedness or obligations of any other party.

  • Junior Lender expressly waives all notice of the acceptance by Senior Lender of this Agreement and all other notices not specifically required pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Senior Lender

Senior Lender means a “Lender” as defined in the Senior Credit Agreement.
Senior Lender has the meaning set forth in Section 8 of the Schedule.
Senior Lender means the financial institutions, funds and banks who have advanced or agreed to advance term loan to the Concessionaire under any of the Financing Documents for meeting all or part of the Total Project Cost.
Senior Lender means Texas Commerce Bank, N.A.
Senior Lender means each “Lender” party to the Credit Agreement from time to time.
Senior Lender is defined above. When any other person or entity becomes the legal holder of the Senior Note, such other person or entity will automatically become Senior Lender.
Senior Lender means Silicon Valley Bank, and “Senior Loan Documents” means all present and future documents instruments and agreements entered into between Borrower and Senior Lender or by third parties relating to Borrower and Senior Lender.