Satellite kitchen definition

Satellite kitchen means a food service establishment approved by a local health jurisdiction where food is stored, prepared, portioned or packaged for service elsewhere.
Satellite kitchen means a kitchen providing catering facilities to provide food and beverage services, with approval from the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority;
Satellite kitchen means a foodservice site where food is received fully prepared from another location and is ready to serve.

Examples of Satellite kitchen in a sentence

  • Satellite kitchen – a term used for a catering site that receives fully prepared dishes from another location and serves these to customers.

  • Fee schedules.(8) Health Department (m) Annual School Kitchen Inspection Fees: Full service kitchen - $315.00 Satellite kitchen - $115.00 PART II.

  • Satellite kitchen: satellite (or receiving) kitchens are located at locations (e.g. typically in schools) that receive food from a central kitchen.

  • Satellite kitchen usually don’t cook food but reheat/serve food cooked in the central kitchen.

  • Satellite kitchen would reduce staff by approximately 50-75%.Note 7: Visitor parking is calculated at 2% of building student capacity.

  • Interior remodel to existing Outdoor Entertainment Satellite kitchen; 2240 sq.

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