Notice of Completion definition

Notice of Completion means a document issued by the Department or Delegated Agency at the end of project construction when all items and conditions of the approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan have been satisfied, post construction verification documents demonstrate that the stormwater management systems have been constructed in accordance with the approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan, and final stabilization of disturbed areas on the site has been achieved.
Notice of Completion means a written document from the ESCo to Canada indicating that the Improvements are complete.
Notice of Completion has the meaning set forth in Section 3(c).

Examples of Notice of Completion in a sentence

  • Notice of Completion in the procedure refers to the final “Notice of Completion” received within the eligible 3 year (Elementary School) or 4 year (Middle or High School) timeframe.

  • A Notice of Completion (NOC) was posted with the County Clerk and routed for a thirty-day public review period to the State of California, and other interested.

  • The work shall be regarded as completed as noted on the Procuring Entity Notice of Completion.

  • Acceptance of Work: Date the Notice of Completion is recorded at the Office of the County Recorder, Tulare County, California.

  • Further, taking of Beneficial Occupancy is not a point in time when retention is due unless the Project is Completed and Notice of Completion has been recorded.

More Definitions of Notice of Completion

Notice of Completion shall have the same definition as set forth in California Civil Code section 3093.
Notice of Completion means the written notice that is sent by the hearing officer to the chairman of the corporation commission after the hearing officer holds a public hearing and files a summary report pursuant to section 10-11253.
Notice of Completion means a written document provided by MOTRICITY substantially in the form of Appendix 2.16, which is provided after, and states that, MOTRICITY has completed the Delivery of the Materials or Services ordered by CINGULAR. MOTRICITY’s provision of the Notice of Completion is a representation and warranty that the Materials and Services have been tested to assure compliance and are in strict compliance with the Specifications.
Notice of Completion means the written notice that is sent by
Notice of Completion means the Notice of Completion executed by the District and recorded in the County Records of Los Angeles County, California, promptly after the District’s Acceptance of Completion in accordance with Section 52 hereof.
Notice of Completion means a written notice that is issued by the office to an enrollee who has successfully investigated and remediated a qualified local brownfield site to the satisfaction of the office. Notice of completion shall have the same meaning as certificate of completion, as defined in section 24-902 of the administrative code of the city of New York.
Notice of Completion means a written notice, signed and verified by the owner or his agent, containing all of the following: