Selection Notice definition

Selection Notice means a notice substantially in the form set out in Schedule 5 (Selection Notice) given in accordance with clause 9 (Interest Periods).

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Terms defined in the Agreement have the same meaning in this Selection Notice unless given a different meaning in this Selection Notice.

All forms shall be submitted electronically (PDF) via email to the contact(s) listed on the Selection Notice.

Notice of receipt of such Borrowing Notice or Interest Rate Selection Notice, as the case may be, together with the amount of each Lender's portion of an Advance requested thereunder, shall be provided by the Agent to each Lender by telefacsimile transmission with reasonable promptness, but (provided the Agent shall have received such notice by 10:30 A.M.) not later than 1:00 P.M. on the same day as the Agent's receipt of such notice.

The parties hereto hereby agree that for purposes of the proviso immediately preceding this sentence, a “commercially reasonable time period” shall include a minimum of fifteen (15) business days after the Indenture Trustee’s receipt of the Selection Notice.

For this post, the required level of clearance is specified on the title page of the Selection Notice.

More Definitions of Selection Notice

Selection Notice means a notice substantially in the form set out in Part II of Schedule 3 (Requests).
Selection Notice. 6.06 “Site” 6.02(y)
Selection Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 11.05(c).
Selection Notice means a notice under clause 4.2(b) (“Selection of Interest Period”), to be substantially in the form of schedule 2 (“Selection Notice”).