Respondents definition

Respondents means [insert name(s) of Respondents] [insert if applicable: those Parties identified in Appendix __].
Respondents means a respondent/bidder to a Bid Document;
Respondents means the Corporate Respondent and the Individual Respondent, individually, collectively, or in any combination.

Examples of Respondents in a sentence

If the Hearing Panel rejects the Settlement Agreement, Staff and the Respondents may enter into another settlement agreement; or Staff may proceed to a disciplinary hearing in relation to the matters disclosed in the Investigation.

Respondents in this grouping, and participants in information webinars noted that the Intentions Paper communication and comment process did not constitute formal consultation or engagement with First Nations.

The Settlement Agreement shall become effective and binding upon the Respondents and Staff as of the date of its acceptance by the Hearing Panel.

The Evaluation Team may, at its discretion, invite some or all of the Respondents to appear before the Evaluation Team to provide clarifications of their Submissions.

No CRHD ObligationThis RFQ is not a tender and does not commit the CRHD in any way to select a Preferred Respondent(s), or to proceed to discussions or negotiations for an agreement, or to award any agreement, and the CRHD reserves the complete right to at any time reject all Submissions, and to terminate this RFQ process for any reason.

More Definitions of Respondents

Respondents means ChemChina and ADAMA, individually and collectively.
Respondents means Mylan and Merck, individually and collectively.
Respondents means Cerberus, Albertson’s, and Safeway, individually and collectively.
Respondents means the Corporate Respondent and the Individual Respondents, individually, collectively, or in any combination.
Respondents means persons subject to any statute or other delegated authority administered by the Division to whom an order or notice is issued by the Division instituting a proceeding or investigation on its own initiative.
Respondents means Sanofi and Aventis, individually and collectively.