Residential Project definition

Residential Project means a redevelopment project that is
Residential Project means a portfolio of Residential Systems owned directly or indirectly by a Contributed Company.
Residential Project means a redevelopment project that is predominantly residential, intended for multi-family residency, and may include a parking component.

Examples of Residential Project in a sentence

  • The Specified Parties indicated that the absence of any of the noted documents or the inability to agree the indicated information from the Initial Residential Data File to the Residential Project File documents for each of the attributes identified constituted an exception.

  • As of June 30, 2004, we owned the following development properties: • A residential project, known as Coto Residential Project, to be built on the top of the existing supermarket, Coto Centro Integral de Comercialización S.A. Table of Contents • An office/apartment tower project, known as Alcorta Plaza Project, to be built close to Paseo Alcorta.

  • Although the Residential Project was assigned to CRG, COLP has not assigned, and therefore retains, the role of Master Developer under the Master Developer Documents.

  • The Out Parcel shall be conveyed by Purchaser to Seller free and clear of all mortgages and liens and encumbrances subject only to those encumbrances listed on Purchaser’s title policy at Closing and not created by Purchaser and those mortgages, liens and encumbrances recorded by or at the direction of Seller in connection with the Residential Project.

  • Upon issuance, Developer or Vertical Developer, as applicable, shall deliver to the Agency the Engineer’s Certificate or the Architect’s Certificate, as applicable, and, for a Residential Project, Vertical Developer shall also deliver to the Agency evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Below-Market Rate Housing Plan, including the number and AMI Percentages of the Below-Market Rate Units within such Residential Project and any recorded restrictions for such Below-Market Rate Units.

More Definitions of Residential Project

Residential Project means any residential building project for which the Company has invested resources, performed due diligence, planned land development and/or initiated real estate acquisitions during the Executive’s employment with the Company.
Residential Project means any residential development application containing thirteen or more dwelling units that must be approved through a public hearing process and has not received final approval.
Residential Project means any ground-mounted or roof-top distributed solar generation system designed and installed for residential applications, which is leased by, or subject to a power purchase agreement with, the owner of a residence for the purpose of generating Electricity for that residence.
Residential Project means any project containing two or more net new living units or residential lots, or living units and residential lots which total two or more net new units and/or lots in combination, built pursuant to or contained in an application for a planned district, subdivision map, conditional use permit, design review permit approval, other discretionary city land use approval, or building permit. Contemporaneous construction of two or more living units on a lot, or on contiguous lots for which there is evidence of common ownership or control, even though not covered by the same city land use approval, shall also be considered a residential project. Construction shall be considered contemporaneous for all units which do not have completed final inspections for occupancy and which have outstanding, at any one time, any one or more of the following: planned district, subdivision map, conditional use permit, design review permit approval, or other discretionary city land use approvals, or building permits, or applications for such an approval or permits. A residential condominium conversion project as defined in Section
Residential Project means a project that includes Residential Units, including all land used in connection with the project and (i) the freehold or long-term leasehold interest to the site of the project; (ii) all improvements, structures, facilities, entry and exit rights, parking, pools, landscaping, and other appurtenances (including the project building and all operating systems) located at the site of the project; and (iii) all furniture, fixtures, equipment, supplies and inventories installed or located in the Public Facilities of such improvements at the site of the project.
Residential Project means any development for which a planning permit or building permit is required that includes the creation of one or more new dwelling units, conversion of nonresidential uses to dwelling units, or the conversion of a use from a residential rental project to a residential ownership project.
Residential Project means that component of the Private Improvements consisting of 27 the design, development, construction, completion and operation of those buildings, structures, facilities 28 and other improvements to be constructed and installed on the Project Site, which are to be used for 29 residential purposes and may also include commercial, retail and other non-residential uses located on 30 the different levels of the Private Improvements.