Residential Zone definition

Residential Zone means a zone earmarked for buildings exclusively designed for human habitation and in no case shall include its use in whole or a part thereof for any other purpose e.g commercial activities, school, institution, shop, office, clinic, beauty parlor, guest house, marriage center, gymnasium, tuition center, club activities, work-shop, store or godown etc. or for the purpose of political, religious and sectarian activities. It includes parks, gardens, play grounds, sector shops and other open spaces located in the area earmarked in the residential zone.
Residential Zone means any area designated in the City zoning by-laws as a residential zone;
Residential Zone means any zone within an acknowledged urban growth boundary or an acknowledged residential exception area that allows a dwelling unit as a use permitted outright.

Examples of Residential Zone in a sentence

  • The Multiple-Family Residential Zone permits correctional group homes, day nurseries, group homes, multiple-family dwellings, semi- detached dwellings, single-family dwellings and street townhouse dwellings.

  • Residential Zone: Day time (49-53.9) & for night time(39.4-45.2).

  • A By-law be introduced to rezone the subject site from "Single Family Residential Zone (RF)" to "Semi-Detached Residential Zone (RF-SD)" and a date be set for Public Hearing.

  • Where a non-residential use in an Entrepreneurial (EC) Zone abuts any Residential Zone then a 6 m (19.7 ft) side yard shall be required on the side that so abuts.

  • For land within or outside the BAC, Clause 32.04-9 of the MUZ relates to buildings on lots that abut another residential zone: Any buildings or works constructed on a lot that abuts land which is in a General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone, Neighbourhood Residential Zone or Township Zone must meet the requirements of Clauses 55.04-1, 55.04-2, 55.04-3, 55.04-5 and 55.04- 6 along that boundary.

More Definitions of Residential Zone

Residential Zone means a zone created by Chapter 17.13 of this title. "RF" means radio frequency.
Residential Zone means a zone designated as such on the map;
Residential Zone means an area of single or multi-family dwellings where businesses may or may not be conducted in such dwellings. The zone includes areas where multiple unit dwellings, high-rise apartment districts, and redevelopment districts are located. A residential zone may include areas containing limited accommodations for transients such as motels and hotels and residential areas with limited office development, but it may not include retail shopping facilities. "Residential zone" includes educational facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and similar institutions, and parks and open space. Undeveloped areas adjacent to residential zones shall be deemed to be residential zones for purposes of this Regulation, notwithstanding the zone district classification of the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution.
Residential Zone means a zone set forth in schedule C or schedule E as Floating Dwelling House Zone, Harbour, River and Waterfront Residential Zone or General Residential Zone.
Residential Zone means any Lot within a Residential Zone or any land that permits a residential use under the County’s Zoning By-law.
Residential Zone means a zone earmarked for buildings exclusively designed for human habitation and in no case shall include its use in whole or a part thereof for any other purpose e.g. shops, clinics, offices, schools, workshops, store or godown or any other commercial activity;
Residential Zone means an A,A-14.4, R-1A, R-20.0, R-12.0, R-1-9.6, R-1.8.4, R-1-7.2, R-1-14.4, R-2, R-3, R-3-C, R-G or MP zone, a residential land use adopted by a specific plan, or an equivalent residential zone, in each case within which residential uses are allowed by right.