Remedial Actions definition

Remedial Actions means those actions taken in the event of a radioactive release or threatened release into the environment to prevent or minimize the radioactive release so that it does not migrate and cause significant danger to the present or future public health, safety, or welfare, or to the environment. Remedial action includes, but is not limited to, actions at the location of the release such as storage, confinement, perimeter protection which may include using dikes, trenches, and ditches, clay cover, neutralization, dredging or excavation, repair or replacement of leaking containers, collection of leachate and runoff, efforts to minimize the social and economic harm of processing, provision of alternative water supplies, and any required monitoring to assure that the actions taken are sufficient to protect the public health, safety, and welfare, and the environment.
Remedial Actions means the investigation, removal, clean-up or remediation of contamination, environmental degradation or damage caused by, related to or arising from the generation, use, handling, treatment, storage, transportation, disposal, discharge, release, or emission of Hazardous Substances, including, without limitation, investigations, response and remedial actions under CERCLA, corrective action under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, 42 U.S.C. sections 3004(u), 3004(v), 3008(h) and 7003, and cleanup requirements under similar Environmental Laws.
Remedial Actions means all actions required to (i) clean up, remove, remediate, treat or in any other way address any Hazardous Substance in the indoor or outdoor environment, (ii) prevent or minimize any release so that a Hazardous Substance does not migrate or endanger or threaten to endanger public health or welfare or the indoor or outdoor environment or (iii) perform pre remedial studies and investigations and post-remedial monitoring and care with respect to any Hazardous Substance.

Examples of Remedial Actions in a sentence

  • Remedial Actions HCA may initiate remedial action if it is determined that any of the following situations exist: A problem exists that negatively impacts Enrollees receiving services.

  • Within 15 Days of the expiration of such period or any decision by Project Company not to undertake Remedial Actions (whichever is the earlier to occur), Project Company shall pay to GPA, as liquidated damages, an amount equal to US$280 per kW of the shortfall between the most recently determined Initial Dependable Capacity and the Contracted Phase 1 Capacity.

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a Record of Decision for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site (Site) on January 3, 2017 (ROD) that selected Remedial Actions (RA) for the in-river portion of the Site from approximately river miles (RMs) 1.9 to 11.8. The ROD provides information about how Site data will influence Remedial Design (RD), remedial construction, and future maintenance of remediated areas.

  • Examples of consequences and remedial measures for students who engage in reprisal or retaliation are listed and described in the Consequences and Appropriate Remedial Actions section of this Policy.

  • Such damages shall include but not be limited to costs, expenses and losses incurred directly or indirectly by Buyer: (a) in connection with inspecting, sorting, storing, reworking, repairing or replacing the nonconforming Supplies; (b) resulting from production interruptions; (c) conducting or participating in Remedial Action(s) or other corrective service actions; or (d) resulting from personal injury (including death) or property damage caused by the nonconforming Supplies.

More Definitions of Remedial Actions

Remedial Actions means the management, treatment, handling, storage, monitoring, removal, transport or disposal measures carried out by Design-Builder with respect to Hazardous Materials in accordance with Section of the General Conditions of Contract.
Remedial Actions means the investigation, clean-up or remediation of environmental contamination or damage caused by, related to or arising from the generation, use, handling, treatment, storage, transportation, disposal, discharge, release, or emission of hazardous substances, including, without limitation, investigations, response, removal and remedial actions under The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980, as amended, corrective action under The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, as amended, and clean-up requirements under similar state Environmental Laws.
Remedial Actions means:
Remedial Actions means any claim, proceeding or action to foreclose upon, take possession or control of, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of, or in any other manner realize, take steps to realize or seek to realize upon, the whole or any part of any Collateral, whether pursuant to the UCC, by foreclosure, by setoff, by self-help repossession, by notification to account debtors, by deed in lieu of foreclosure, by exercise of power of sale, by judicial action or otherwise, or the exercise of any other remedies with respect to any Collateral available under any of the Collateral Documents, or under applicable law.
Remedial Actions means actions required by the department to correct any deficiencies on the site in order for the site to attain the required performance standards. Reme- dial actions may be required by the department to gain com- pliance by the sponsor with this chapter.
Remedial Actions means actions required under Environmental Laws to clean up or to contain or otherwise to ameliorate or remedy any Environmental Condition, including but not limited to preventing a Release or threatened Release and performing studies, investigations and monitoring.
Remedial Actions means any investigation, remediation, cleanup, removal, use restriction, engineering control, institutional control, monitoring or other responsive actions, and any actions ancillary thereto.