Environmental Activity definition

Environmental Activity is defined as any actual, suspected or threatened abatement, cleanup, disposal, generation, handling, manufacture, possession, release, remediation, removal, storage, transportation, treatment or use of any Hazardous Material. The actual, suspected or threatened presence of any Hazardous Material or the actual, suspected or threatened noncompliance with any Environmental Laws, will be deemed Environmental Activity.

Examples of Environmental Activity in a sentence

  • ACSIM memorandum ―Sustainable Range Program Environmental Activity Responsibilities Matrix‖ (30June05) establishes guidance on proponency for erosion control and repair in training areas.

  • Fire Breaks: The creation of firebreaks and the maintenance or closure of existing firebreaks, per the ACSIM memorandum ―Sustainable Range Program Environmental Activity Responsibilities Matrix‖ (30June05).

  • Because sustainment of the Army‘s training capability is the responsibility of numerous programs across the garrison (e.g., Range Control, DPW, Environmental), the responsibilities of these programs are further explained in ACSIM memorandum ―Sustainable Range Program Environmental Activity Responsibilities Matrix‖ (30June05), DAMO-TRS memorandum ―Range and Training Land Complex Maintenance‖ (30Aug07) and DAMO-TRS memorandum ―Funding Guidance for Management Decision Package (MDEP) TATM‖ (16Sep09).

  • The results are attached in Appendix A.Table 2-3 OLS Regression Results Classification Standard errors in parentheses; *** p<0.01, ** p<0.05, * p<0.1Other findings regarding project and activity information are included in Appendix A and include: Environmental Activity Duration, Environmental Activity Duration of the Document Types, Task Outsourcing Based on Environmental Document Type, T-tests with a Set of Task Outsourcing, and T-tests with a Set of Regulatory Changes.

  • Determination of the need for / type of regulatory approvals required (eg., Permit To Take Water / Environmental Activity and Sector Registry).

More Definitions of Environmental Activity

Environmental Activity with respect to any Recognized Environmental Condition means any activity required to establish a remediation plan necessary to satisfy Acceptable Regulatory Standards for any Hazardous Substances associated with such Recognized Environmental Condition for the continued use of the applicable real property for industrial or commercial purposes only.
Environmental Activity means any use, treatment, keeping, storage, holding, release, emission, discharge, manufacturing, generation, processing, abatement, removal, disposition, handling, transportation, deposit, leaking, spilling, injecting, dumping or disposing of any Hazardous Materials from, into, on or under the Property, and shall include the exacerbation of any pre-existing contamination by Tenant or any of Tenant’s Agents.
Environmental Activity shall have the meaning provided in Section 14.03. “Event of Default” shall have the meaning provided in Section 24.01.
Environmental Activity means, as of any date of determination, any actual, proposed or threatened storage, holding, existence, Release, emission, discharge, generation, manufacturing, producing, refining, creating, processing, abatement, removal, disposition, handling, transportation or disposal of any Hazardous Substance from, under, into or on any of Borrower’s property or otherwise relating to any of Borrower’s property or any Use of any of Borrower’s property which is regulated by or for which standards of conduct or liability are imposed by any Environmental Requirements or which may or does create a hazard to human or animal health or the environment.
Environmental Activity is defined in Section 12.1(a).