Rand definition

Rand or "R" or "ZAR" means the lawful currency of South Africa;
Rand means the lawful currency of South Africa.
Rand or “R” - the lawful currency of South Africa;

Examples of Rand in a sentence

  • Before commencing work, the contactor shall submit to the HOA proof of insurance policies to adequately cover the contractor’s all risks associated with the improvements, appropriate SASRIA and MVA cover and Public Liability insurance cover to the value of R2 000 000 (Two million Rand) per incident, to the satisfaction of the XXX XXX.

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Rand or "R" means the South African rand, the official currency of South Africa;
Rand or "R" means South African Rand, the lawful currency of the Republic of South Africa;
Rand. ZAR" and "Cent" mean the lawful currency of South Africa and "Cent" is a one-hundredth (100th) part of one (1) Rand;
Rand or means the lawful currency of the Republic.
Rand or “R” - the South African Rand, the lawful currency of South Africa; 2.1.74 “Regulations” - regulations issued in terms of the Protected Areas Act; 2.1.75 “Regulatory Provisions” - (a) the Environmental guidelines (“Environmental Specifications”) for operators operating within the Protected Area which is further described in Schedule 7, as same may be revised and updated by SANParks from time to time, and (b) collectively the Laws, and standards of the State and any Relevant Authority which in any way affects or applies to the conduct of the Project and/or this PPP Agreement from time to time or, if the context is appropriate, any one of them and where appropriate includes the Regulations, Park Rules and Park Management Plan; 2.1.76 “Residual Value” - the depreciated value of the immovable structures (approved by SANParks) built by the Private Party from the date such structures were first accounted for in the Private Parties books until the Termination Date, as the case may be. Depreciation shall be calculated in accordance with depreciation presented for income tax purposes; 2.1.77 “Responsible Authority” - the South African national and/or provincial and/or local governmental authority having jurisdiction over any or all of the Parties or any subject matter of this PPP Agreement. A Responsible Authority shall, for the avoidance of doubt, not include any provider of Utilities; 2.1.78 “Restricted Enterprise” - a person restricted from contracting with SANParks and/or a Responsible Authority as a result of being listed either on - (i) the Register for Tender Defaulters compiled in terms of the regulations to the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, 2004; (ii) the Disqualified Directors’ Register (maintained by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) in terms of Section 69(13) of the Companies Act; and/or (iii) any other relevant listing required by Law;
Rand or “ZAR” means the lawful currency of South Africa;