Soda fountain definition

Soda fountain means a place especially equipped
Soda fountain means a place especially equipped with
Soda fountain means a place especially equipped with apparatus for the purpose of dispensing soft drinks, whether mixed or otherwise.

Examples of Soda fountain in a sentence

  • Soda fountain pressure-type hot water rins- ing equipment, consisting in its sim- plest form of a 1⁄8-inch–1⁄4-inch internal diameter metal tube attached to a hot water line and bent so as to direct a stream of water upward, may be used.

  • Laws § 40-6-12, only the individual recipient’s initials (other than Plaintiff Correa) will be documented on the list.

  • Soda fountain water line to carbonator: Reduced pressure device required, installed upstream from a carbonating device and downstream from any copper in the water supply line.(5-203.15) (UPC603.4.13) (6th Edition Cross-Connection Manual) 12.

  • No payments will be issued to providers of service.What happens to my account balance at the end of a plan year?Each plan year has a “grace period” ending on the subsequent March 15.

  • Soda fountain refrigeration equipment (cooler box, fountainette, and similar equipment) b.

  • On October 7, 2013, Dr. Radziewicz began to violate his restrictive covenant by starting to practice medicine with the fifteen-mile radius prohibited by the accord.Hearings were held on the matter.

  • Soda fountain items such as sundaes, milk shakes, malts, ice cream cones, and sodas Example 1: A grocery store in Milwaukee County sells ice cream cones, ice cream bars, and sundaes in its frozen food sec- tion.

  • Customers may not be seated or allowed to consume food or alcohol at a service bar.(((41))) (42) "Soda fountain" means a place especially equipped with apparatus for the purpose of dispensing soft drinks, whether mixed or otherwise.(((42))) (43) "Soju" means a traditional Korean distilled alcoholic beverage, produced using authentic Korean recipes and production methods, and derived from agricultural products, that contains not more than twenty-four percent of alcohol by volume.

  • Soda fountain, and /or restaurant); and fill up the business park.

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Soda fountain means any device that dispenses a sugar-sweetened beverage into an unsealed container as a ready-to-drink beverage.
Soda fountain means a lunch counter in a commercial establishment equipped for preparing and serving soft drinks, ice-cream dishes, or sandwiches.
Soda fountain means a place especially equipped with apparatus for

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