IR definition

IR means Indian Railways.
IR means the provision of Services by WIND HELLAS in respect of which access is granted by Roaming Customers of Operator B through WIND HELLAS’ PMN.

Examples of IR in a sentence

  • Considering the development stage of modern technologies and the accessibility thereof, the Internet is used in the IR of every modern company.

  • The IR strategy of the Issuer shall be created using both the possibilities provided by technologies (website) and relations with mass media and the ties with the participants of finance market.

  • A number of channels shall be used for the information flow in the IR.

  • Not the material manifestation (inscription) of an abstract ‘knowledge’ that somehow lies elsewhere, but the very thing itself.

  • The main objectives of the IR are the provision of accurate and timely information on the business of the Issuer to participants of finance market, as well as the provision of a feedback, i.e. receiving references from the existing and potential investors and other persons.

More Definitions of IR

IR. = the applicable Interest Rate for each day in the Interest Period;
IR means Investment Return, which shall be equal to the percentage obtained by dividing a numerator equal to Gross Hotel Income less Operating Expenses, all reserve for Hotel FF&E (as required by lenders, franchisors, or other parties, but in no event less than 4% of Gross Hotel Income) and any capital expenditures not covered in any year by any Hotel FF &E reserve by the total investment of Lessee in the Hotel, including acquisition price, acquisition costs. Operating expenses as referred to in this definition are inclusive of any Incentive Fees earned related to the fiscal year.
IR means a United Kingdom Radio Interface Requirement published by Ofcom in accordance with Article 4.1 of Directive 1995/5/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (RTTE) and the mutual recognition of their conformity;
IR means Investment Return, which shall be equal to the product obtained by dividing NOI, by the total investment of Lessee in the hotel, including acquisitions price, acquisition costs and any capital expenditures.