IR definition

IR means Indian Railways.

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  • Source: Telstra Corporation Annual Reports 1999 – 2007 * For the calculation of the unbracketed figures in this column, the Commonwealth (and in 2007 both the Future Fund and the IR Trustee) was designated as a Tier I shareholder with respect to its ownership of unlisted shares.

  • Note: Figures in brackets represent capital as a percentage of listed (i.e. private) capital only and therefore exclude shares owned by the Commonwealth, or in 2007 unlisted shares owned by the Future Fund or IR Trustee (Telstra Annual Report 2007: 65-66)From the perspective of democratisation as ownership alone, the Telstra privatisation has made a considerable contribution to such democratisation.

  • The practice followed by IR is to adhere to these tests with special stipulations in respect of reduction of temperature rise limits due to higher ambient conditions in India.

  • I-R USE OF AGENCY STANDARD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENVIRONMENTUnless otherwise stated in this contract, all items produced by the Contractor must run on and be compatible with the information technology environment described in Section III.B. of this contract.

  • In particular, Hjorland highlights IR systems biases toward a particular type of IR system based on their retrieval model.

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IR means Investment Return, which shall be equal to the percentage obtained by dividing a numerator equal to Gross Hotel Income less Operating Expenses, all reserve for Hotel FF&E (as required by lenders, franchisors, or other parties, but in no event less than 4% of Gross Hotel Income) and any capital expenditures not covered in any year by any Hotel FF &E reserve by the total investment of Lessee in the Hotel, including acquisition price, acquisition costs. Operating expenses as referred to in this definition are inclusive of any Incentive Fees earned related to the fiscal year.
IR means Investment Return, which shall be equal to the product obtained by dividing NOI, by the total investment of Lessee in the hotel, including acquisitions price, acquisition costs and any capital expenditures.
IR means the provision of Services by WIND HELLAS in respect of which access is granted by Roaming Customers of Operator B through WIND HELLAS’ PMN.