Rental Payments definition

Rental Payments means the rental payments paid by the occupant of a unit, excluding any supplemental rental assistance to the occupant from the State, the federal government, or any other public agency, but including any mandatory fees or charges imposed on the occupant by the Owner as a condition of occupancy of the unit.
Rental Payments means the basic rental payments payable by Lessee pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement during the Lease Term, payable in consideration of the right of Lessee to use the Equipment during the then current portion of the Lease Term. Rental Payments shall be payable by Lessee to the Lessor or its assignee in the amounts and at the times during the Lease Term, as set forth in Exhibit E of this Agreement.
Rental Payments means, collectively, the Base Rental Payments and the Additional Rental Payments.

Examples of Rental Payments in a sentence

  • You shall pay the Rental Payments to us in accordance with the amounts detailed on the Dalys Direct Order form.

  • Rental Payments – Each year, your rent increases, up to 3.75 percent above the prior year.

  • The School District also enters into an Intercept Agreement with the Treasurer of the Commonwealth (“State Treasurer”), acknowledged by the Commonwealth’s Department of Education and the Bond Trustee, in order to provide for Base Rental Payments due under the Sublease Agreement to be made directly by the State Treasurer to the Trustee from Commonwealth appropriations due to the School District.

  • Without prejudice to clause 8.2, our maximum aggregate liability for breach of this Rental Agreement (including any liability for the acts or omissions of its employees, agents and subcontractors), whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence), misrepresentation or otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed the total of the Rental Payments due in respect of the Rental Agreement.

More Definitions of Rental Payments

Rental Payments means rental payments made under equipment leases permitted pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.
Rental Payments. The payments due from the Customer for hire of the Equipment and/or the Supply of the Services, at the prices set out in Tardis’ quotation, or if the quotation has expired, as set out in Tardis’ price list in force at the Commencement Date (Price).
Rental Payments means all payments received by on or behalf of Seller from Tenants or with respect to the Leases or with respect to any other use or occupancy of the Property for items such as minimum or base rent, additional rent, percentage rent, termination or cancellation charges, reimbursement for real estate taxes, utilities, parking fees, operating and maintenance expenses and insurance, as well as any other reimbursements or charges received thereunder.
Rental Payments means all rental payments and other amounts equivalent to a rental payment payable by or on behalf of a Lessee under an ACS Group Lease, including payments under any Purchase Option.
Rental Payments means the rental payments payable by Lessee pursuant to the provisions of this Lease during the Term hereof.