Property Managers definition

Property Managers means CB Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Inc. (“CBRE”), which manages the Property, or an entity retained by Seller to replace CBRE as the manager of the Property.
Property Managers means the Person(s) that manage the Mortgaged Properties as of the Effective Date as listed in Article I, or other residential rental property manager(s) approved by Lender to manage the Mortgaged Properties.

Examples of Property Managers in a sentence

  • The Advisor shall also obtain Property Managers, which may include Affiliates of the Advisor, to manage, promote, and lease the Properties.

  • The Company may employ Affiliated or unaffiliated service providers, including, but not limited to real estate brokers, Property Managers, engineers, contractors, architects, title or escrow companies, attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers, property inspectors, etc., as necessary to facilitate the acquisition, management, and sale of a Property.

  • New Members must complete a Code of Ethics course of instruction from the National Association of Residential Property Managers to become a Professional Member.

  • DLA employees who meet the requirements specified in DFARS 201.670(b), including employees serving in the 1103 or 1150 job series or military equivalent job series, may be considered for appointment as Property Administrators or Property Managers.

  • The chapter shall be subject to all rules, regulations, ethics, and standards and bylaws of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, Inc.

More Definitions of Property Managers

Property Managers means American Realty Capital Hospitality Properties, LLC, American Realty Capital Hospitality Grace Portfolio, LLC.
Property Managers means, collectively, the New Property Managers and New Orleans Property Manager.
Property Managers has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Property Managers means, collectively, Crown Ridge Seller’s existing property manager, Canyon Springs Seller’s existing property manager, Cascades I Seller’s existing property manager, Cascades II Seller’s existing property manager, and Cibolo Canyon Seller’s existing property manager.
Property Managers means any person/s that the Manager may appoint on behalf of the Company from time to time to provide inter alia the services set out clause 6.7;
Property Managers means the West Madison Manager and the Park Avenue Manager, collectively, and shall not include S.L. Green Management Corp. in its capacity as the former property manager of 245 Park Avenue.
Property Managers means Tri-Hill Management LLC together with Bronstein Properties, LLC in their capacities as property managers under the respective Property Management Agreements.