Former Property Manager definition

Former Property Manager means H&R Property Management Ltd., a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario and owned by members of the Hofstedter Family and the Rubinstein Family.

Examples of Former Property Manager in a sentence

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Date Owner (Respondent) Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Date Owner (Respondent) Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Date Former Property Manager (Respondent) APPROVAL This signature attests to the approval and acceptance of this Conciliation Agreement.

  • Karen Lehmkuhl, Residential Care Specialist; Unison Behavioral Health; Ide II; Wyman Woods; Marsha Elliot (Karen’s Manager); Amy Dull, (Former Property Manager) ADRH2(39047)0227201805-18-1571-822A-2018-01465F Terri Parker v.

  • Occasionally they may have a positive calming influence on the person, but often as they try to help, they confuse the de-escalation process by over stimulating or adding to information overload.There should only be one primary person communicating with the person being de- escalated.

  • He also served as our secretary and as chief financial officer, treasurer and secretary of the Former Advisor and the Former Property Manager from December 2014 until the Initial Closing in March 2017, when we transitioned to self-management.

  • In addition, the Former Property Manager served as our property manager and had retained Crestline to provide services, including locating investments, negotiating, financing and operating certain hotel assets in our portfolio.Prior to the Initial Closing, our executive officers, Jonathan P.

  • See “Certain Relationships and Related Transactions” for a discussion of fees and expense reimbursements which were payable to the Former Advisor, the Former Property Manager, Crestline and their affiliates, which are related parties.Prior to the Initial Closing, we did not determine the compensation payable to our named executive officers by the Former Advisor or its affiliates.

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  • Property Manager means an entity that has been retained to perform and carry out at one or more of the Properties property-management services, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property, the costs for which are passed through to and ultimately paid by the tenant at such Property.

  • Property Owner Association Property means, for each Fiscal Year, any property within the boundaries of IA No. 2 that was owned by a property owner association, including any master or sub-association, as of January 1 of the prior Fiscal Year.

  • Customer Property means the property, other than real property and IPR, including any equipment issued or made available to the Supplier by the Customer in connection with this Call Off Contract;

  • Property management means leasing or renting, or offering to lease or rent, real property of others for a fee, commission, compensation, or other valuable consideration pursuant to a property management employment contract.

  • Property management system means the Contractor’s system or systems for managing and controlling Government property.

  • Property Owner means any person shown as the owner of land on the last equalized assessment roll or otherwise known to be the owner of land by the city council. “Business owner” means any person recognized by the city as the owner of the business. “Owner” means either a business owner or a property owner. The city council has no obligation to obtain other information as to the ownership of land or businesses, and its determination of ownership shall be final and conclusive for the purposes of this part. Wherever this part requires the signature of the property owner, the signature of the authorized agent of the property owner shall be sufficient. Wherever this part requires the signature of the business owner, the signature of the authorized agent of the business owner shall be sufficient.

  • Property Management Agreement means any Property Management Agreement between the Company and the Property Manager.

  • Association Property means that property, real and personal, which is owned or leased by, or is dedicated by a recorded plat to, the association for the use and benefit of its members.

  • CLO Asset Manager means, with respect to any Securitization Vehicle that is a CLO, the entity that is responsible for managing or administering the underlying assets of such Securitization Vehicle or, if applicable, the assets of any Intervening Trust Vehicle (including, without limitation, the right to exercise any consent and control rights available to the Directing Holder).

  • Property Owners association" or "association" means an incorporated or unincorporated entity upon

  • Master Tenant means any entity approved by HUD now or hereafter leasing the Healthcare Facility pursuant to a Master Lease.

  • Custodial property means an interest in property transferred to a custodian under this act and the income from, and proceeds of, that interest in property.

  • Operating Lessee means, with respect to a Hotel Property, the Subsidiary of the Parent Guarantor that leases such Hotel Property from a Subsidiary of the Parent Guarantor that is the owner or ground lessee of such Hotel Property.

  • Cooperative Property The real property and improvements owned by the Cooperative Corporation, including the allocation of individual dwelling units to the holders of the Coop Shares of the Cooperative Corporation.

  • Operating Property means any property owned, leased, or operated by the Party in question or by any of its Subsidiaries or in which such Party or Subsidiary holds a security interest or other interest (including an interest in a fiduciary capacity), and, where required by the context, includes the owner or operator of such property, but only with respect to such property.

  • Property Management Fee means the fee payable to the Manager for its day-to-day management of the Property pursuant to the Management Agreement.

  • Hotel Property for any hotel means the Real Property and the Personal Property for such hotel.

  • Operator means the operator of an internet website, online service, online application, or mobile application with actual knowledge that the site, service, or application is used for K–12 school purposes. Any entity that operates an internet website, online service, online application, or mobile application that has entered into a signed, written agreement with an LEA to provide a service to that LEA shall be considered an “operator” for the purposes of this section.

  • Hotel means any establishment used for the purpose of temporary, overnight lodging for which a fee is paid and reservations are required.

  • Manager has the meaning set forth in 2.1.

  • Mortgage Borrower shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals to this Agreement.

  • College property means any property owned, leased, or controlled by a member college of the Virginia Community College System and the administrative office of the Virginia Community College System.

  • Appraisal management services means one or more of the following:

  • Asset Manager means the manager of each of the Series Assets as specified in each Series Designation or, its permitted successors or assigns, appointed in accordance with Section 5.10.

  • At-home recovery visit means the period of a visit required to provide at home recovery care, without limit on the duration of the visit, except each consecutive four (4) hours in a twenty-four-hour period of services provided by a care provider is one visit.