Project Committee definition

Project Committee means a Committee comprising the Minister, the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor of the City and the Chairman or Acting Chairman of the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority constituted under and for the purposes of this Agreement;
Project Committee has the meaning assigned to it in Section 6.1;

Examples of Project Committee in a sentence

  • An EGM can be called by the Project Committee, the Volunteering Committee or a petition signed by 25% of Project volunteers or 5 Project volunteers, whichever is greater.

  • The project committee will also consist of:Vice President Head of EventsEvents Officer x2Head of Social Media Social Media Officer x3 Newsletter LeadHead of Outreach Head of Volunteers Project Committee Positions:Other roles on the Project Committee.

  • I understand that as a Project Committee Member and volunteer, any action taken by volunteers on behalf or while representing the project in any way will also be accountable to the YUSU Code of Conduct (found in bye-law 12).

  • Invited by the Chair to comment, Professor Emeritus Ron Venter, Chair of the Site 10 Project Committee, thanked Professors Mabury and Misak for their support of the proposed project and of the FASE.

  • Section 26 of the Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Management of Irrigation Systems (TNFMIS) Act provides for the appointment of “Competent Authorities” to assist the respective farmers organizations (WUA, Distributory Committee and Project Committee), in the implementation and execution of all decisions taken by such farmers organization.

More Definitions of Project Committee

Project Committee shall have the meaning specified in section 1 of the Assignment and Reassignment of Project Agreements.
Project Committee means the decision making body as described in Article 4.
Project Committee has the meaning ascribed to it under the CTS Agreement.
Project Committee means any committee constituted by the AKVN for opening/evaluating the bids.
Project Committee means the committee, established pursuant to Section 2.2, that exercises control over the Project as provided in this Agreement.
Project Committee is the decision-making body for the Project.
Project Committee means the committee established in Article 3.4.