Project Committee definition

Project Committee has the meaning assigned to it in Section 6.1;
Project Committee means a Committee comprising the Minister, the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor of the City and the Chairman or Acting Chairman of the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority constituted under and for the purposes of this Agreement;
Project Committee means a committee consisting of the Employer, the Engineer, the Contractor, (or their nominated representatives) as well as representatives of the temporary workforce, which is convened from time to time at the discretion of the Engineer, for the purposes of acting as an avenue for effective communication and liaison between all the parties referred to, in all matters pertaining to the Contract

Examples of Project Committee in a sentence

  • All Proposals will be evaluated by a Project Committee assigned by the City Manager, or his designee.

  • The following shall constitute the Joint Project Committee (herein under referred to as JPC) for assessing and reviewing the progress of the work on the project and to issue instructions or directions from time to time for being observed and followed by the Architects Site Engineer /PMC and other consultants / contractors engaged in the execution of the project.

  • Reports, if any, from board members serving on external board, commissions and committees requiring representation of the board pursuant to Article V.B of the Bylaws, including the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility, the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, the Interstate 710 Project Committee, Gateway Cities Council of Governments, Southern California Leadership Council and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

  • The performance of this assignment shall be in accordance with the approved plan by the Project Committee.

  • The Chairperson shall convene ordinary meetings of the Project Committee at least once every 6 (six) months and shall also convene extraordinary meetings at any time upon written request of any Member.

More Definitions of Project Committee

Project Committee shall have the meaning specified in section 1 of the Assignment and Reassignment of Project Agreements.
Project Committee means the decision making body as described in Article 4.
Project Committee has the meaning ascribed to it under the CTS Agreement.
Project Committee means any committee constituted by the AKVN for opening/evaluating the bids.
Project Committee is the decision-making body for the Project.
Project Committee means the committee, established pursuant to Section 2.2, that exercises control over the Project as provided in this Agreement.
Project Committee. Section 3.2 “Radius” Recitals