Pre-approval definition

Pre-approval means written notification to Customer of a maximum pre-approved incentive amount through a Pre-approval letter, which Ameren Illinois issues after review of the Customer’s Application.
Pre-approval means written notification via a pre-approval letter to Customer that Ameren Illinois has reviewed Customer's Application and determined that the project meets the program eligibility requirements for a maximum pre-approved incentive amount if the project is completed by the estimated completion date and all final application paperwork is submitted and approved.
Pre-approval means the written correspondence from the Authority indicating the Applicant is qualified for an allocation of tax credits under A.R.S. § 41-1512. The Pre-Approval is valid until the project becomes operational as long as the Applicant maintains eligibility. Pre-Approval is only a reservation of calendar cap for the Applicant. Pre-Approval does not guarantee the receipt of tax credits as final eligibility is determined after an Application for Post-Approval is submitted to the Authority.

Examples of Pre-approval in a sentence

  • Audit Committee Pre-Approval Policies and Procedures Beginning in 2022, the Audit Committee is responsible for the appointment, compensation and oversight of the work of the independent registered public accounting firm and approves in advance any services to be performed by the independent registered public accounting firm, whether audit-related or not.

  • Hospice Care ChargesSubject to [Carrier] Pre-Approval, when Hospice Care can take the place of Inpatient Hospital Care, [Carrier] covers charges made by a Hospice for palliative and supportive care furnished to a terminally Ill or terminally Injured Covered Person under a Hospice care program.

  • Pre-Approval of PurchasesThe Chattooga County School System has procedures in place for Title Purchases to maintain internal controls and to avoid fraud, waste, and abuse of federal funds.

  • In its discretion, the Administrator may relieve against the requirement to identify all unit numbers for transfusions received where the claimant received Blood only during the Class Period or only during and after the Class Period and a negative is indicated on the Pre-Approval Tables annexed hereto when applied to his or her transfusion history.

  • Pre-Approval Required for Estimated Overtime If an employee identifies the need for overtime, he/she first must acquire the authorization for that overtime from the supervisor.

More Definitions of Pre-approval

Pre-approval means the act of notifying Securities Disclosure Compliance about and gaining permission for a certain Securities transaction.
Pre-approval means the act of notifying Securities Disclosure Compliance about and gaining permission for a certain Securities transaction. Pre-Approval is done through use of an electronic form and includes but is not limited to transactions in IPOs, Private Investments, Commodities, Future Contracts or other types of alternate instruments.
Pre-approval means the approval of the initial application submitted by a prospective Licensee to the QSTP Free Zone in accordance with provisions under the Licensing Regulations.
Pre-approval means a notice from the IESO to the Participant via the Retrofit Portal that their Application has been reviewed and their Project deemed eligible for a Participant Incentive, and that the Participant may proceed with the Project in accordance with the Program Requirements and the notice. For greater certainty, if a Participant does not submit a Post-Project Submission within 6 months of receipt of a Pre-Approval, then the IESO, at its sole discretion, may declare the Pre-Approval and the underlying Application null and void.
Pre-approval means the business establishment and/or persons employed by the business establishment have issued an identification card to the purchaser that verifies and records the purchaser’s driver’s license information and that allows the purchaser to dispense gasoline or diesel fuel in advance of payment.
Pre-approval. Caution: For manufacturing, processing, or repacking in the preparation of a new drug limited by Federal law to investigational use.” Post-Approval: “Caution: For manufacturing, processing, or repacking.” • API identifier for BBS (Bulk Biological Substance). • Container no. • Batch or production run number. • Code generated at Sandoz. • Filling Volume (L). • Date of manufacture. • Date and Signature (of Operator).