FCC Approval definition

FCC Approval means the FCC’s grant of the FCC Applications, including any grants by operation of law; provided that the possibility that an appeal, request for stay, or petition for rehearing or review by a court or administrative agency may be filed with respect to such grant, or that the FCC may reconsider or review such grant on its own authority, shall not prevent such grant from constituting FCC Approval for purposes of the Plan.
FCC Approval means an action or actions by the FCC (including any action or actions taken by the FCC’s staff pursuant to delegated authority and regardless of whether any action or actions may be subject to further administrative or judicial review) on the FCC Applications granting any consent of the FCC necessary to consummate the assignment and/or transfer of control of FCC Licenses from the Debtors to the Reorganized Debtors and/or otherwise necessary to implement this Plan.
FCC Approval has the meaning set forth in Section 7.02(d).

Examples of FCC Approval in a sentence

  • FCC Approval: The system shall be approved for direct interconnection to the telephone utility under Part 68 of FCC rules and regulations.

  • Except for the FCC Approval and the State PUC Approvals, this Confirmation Order shall constitute all approvals and consents required, if any, by the laws, rules, or regulations of any state or any other governmental authority with respect to the implementation or consummation of the Plan and any other acts that may be necessary or appropriate for the implementation or consummation of the Plan.

  • The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic caused many public health officials across the globe to recommend precautions to mitigate the spread of the virus which include restrictions on international air travel and government guidance or orders limiting the movement of individuals.

  • The Parties will use their best efforts to obtain such approvals as promptly as possible and, in this regard, provide all information reasonably requested, assist and cooperate with one another to make the necessary filings and take such steps as may be necessary to secure the non-objection of the relevant antitrust and regulatory authorities, including FCC Approval for assignment of the MCI FCC License.

  • The FCC Approval and any other authorizations, consents, regulatory approvals, rulings, or documents required to implement and effectuate the Plan shall have been obtained.

More Definitions of FCC Approval

FCC Approval means FCC consent pursuant to Section 310 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, over the transfer of control of FCC licenses that would result from the Merger.
FCC Approval has the meaning specified in Section 9.1(a).
FCC Approval means the grant of the FCC Application by the FCC in a Final Order approving the acquisition of the Call Shares by CIG from the Xxxxxx Stockholders.
FCC Approval means action by the FCC or its staff granting consent to the transfer of control of the material Licenses held by Broadcasting to Acquiror which: (i) has not been reversed, stayed, enjoined, set aside, annulled or suspended; (ii) with respect to which no timely request for a stay, petition for reconsideration or appeal of sua sponte action of the FCC with comparable effect is pending; and (iii) as to which the time for filing any such request, petition or appeal or for the taking of any such sua sponte action by the FCC has expired;
FCC Approval means the consent of the Federal Communications Commission for the assignment and/or transfer of control as applicable, of radio licenses, including point-to-point private microwave licenses held by the Company and/or its Subsidiaries.
FCC Approval means the date on which the FCC (including the FCC’s staff pursuant to delegated authority) grants its consent to either (1) the Transfer of Control or (2) transfer of control of Debtors and Debtor Subsidiaries to the FCC Trust pending FCC approval of the Transfer of Control, whichever comes first.
FCC Approval means the FCC Authorization required for Customer to (a) uplink from the United States to, and downlink into the United States from, the Nimiq 5 Satellite at the Orbital Position, and (b) use the Nimiq 5 Satellite for the Intended Purpose.