Definition of Policy File

Policy File means, except as otherwise consented to by the Agent, with respect to any Policy, the documents specified as the "Policy File" on Schedule II hereto, in each case in substantially the form attached as part of Exhibit B hereto or such other form as the Agent may approve in writing (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld).

Examples of Policy File in a sentence

This course primarily covers the initial implementation and configuration of core services such as Networking, Storage, Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS), Group Policy, File and Print services, and Hyper-V.
APPLICABILITY: Staff ACCESS: Staff/Public LOCATION: Department's Central Policy File.
The professional responsibilities of the faculty, instructional staff and the students in carrying out this ideal, as well as procedures to seek redress of grievances, are set forth elsewhere in the University Policy File.
A copy of 103 CMR 464 shall also be maintained in each December 1, 2017 103 CMR 464 - 3 Superintendent's Central Policy File and at each inmate library.
The Secretary of the Senate, with advice from the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, shall ensure the accuracy of the Policy File.