Skateboard definition

Skateboard means a board with small wheels that is usually ridden by a person. For purposes of these rules, a nonmotorized scooter (a board with a handle) is considered a skateboard.
Skateboard means a form of conveyance without self propulsion consisting of any number of wheels attached to a flat surface that is designed to support the weight of a rider;
Skateboard means a devise for riding upon, usually while standing, consisting of an oblong piece of wood or other material mounted on skate wheels.

Examples of Skateboard in a sentence

  • Bicycle and Skateboard Impoundment Fee It shall be lawful for the Chancellor, through his/her delegated administrative officers, to impound at the owner/rider's expense, any bicycle that is considered abandoned, junked, lost/stolen, parked/stored or operated in violation of this Ordinance, or state or local fire safety regulations.

  • If shift-work is performed, an interview can be planned outside normal working hours.进行面谈的管理人员和其他人员的选择应充分覆盖每个相关的职能领域。如果有轮班工作,访谈可以在正常工作时间之外进行。 Any part of the Feed Safety and Quality Management System that is audited during the stage 1 audit and determined to be fully implemented, effective and in conformity with requirements, may not need to be re-audited during the stage 2 audit.

  • Skateboard liability coverage is subject to 20% member coinsurance of the first $100,000.

  • The Bike and Skateboard Access Safety Study prepared by the Associated Students (October 2009) was especially helpful given the close scrutiny it gave the SDSU campus.

  • Bicycle or Skateboard Privilege Staggered/Suspended/Revoked (009): a student’s ability to ride his/her bike to a school campus is staggered or suspended for a specified period of time or revoked for the remainder of the school year 4.

More Definitions of Skateboard

Skateboard means every device with a platform having two or more sets of wheels beneath it, which the rider balances on top of, and which is propelled solely by human power.
Skateboard means a narrow board or platform mounted on wheels designed to be operated by the rider standing thereon and propelled by human power or gravity. (15005 §1 7/18/12)
Skateboard means any nonpedestrian device consisting of a deck with one or more wheels or rollers mounted thereon and upon which the operator stands, sits, or lies during use.
Skateboard means a short board mounted on small wheels that is used for coasting and often for performing athletic stunts. As used in this chapter, skateboard includes coasters, toy vehicles and other similar devices.
Skateboard means all wheeled objects, coasters, toys, conveyances, or similar devices used for transportation or sport which are propelled by human power, including longboards, but not including bicycles or roller skates; and
Skateboard means a short narrow board having a set of four roller skate wheels or casters mounted on its underside intended for human conveyance across a pavement or other hard surface.
Skateboard means every device with a platform having two or more sets of wheels beneath it, which the rider balances on top of, and which is either propelled solely by human power, or propelled by an attached or auxiliary electric or gasoline motor.