Billboard definition

Billboard means a public display used to advertise, including:
Billboard means a freestanding ground sign located on industrial, commercial, or
Billboard means a freestanding ground sign located on industrial, commercial, or residential property if the sign is designed or intended to direct attention to a business, product, or service that is not sold, offered, or existing on the property where the sign is located.

Examples of Billboard in a sentence

  • Illumination (1) Illumination is only allowed if the area surrounding the location of the Billboard is illuminated.

  • It was a popular choice of lodging for prominent African American entertainers and public-figures, such as boxer Sugar Ray Robinson, singer Mahalia Jackson, entrepreneur Billboard Jackson, and locally significant individuals like Claiborn Morris Cain.

  • Billboard SignsComment [JS53]: ORC 519.20 classifies “outdoor advertising”, which is customarily interpreted to mean, or at least include, billboards, as a business use and states it is permitted in all districts zoned for industry, business, trade or lands used for agricultural purposes.

  • Erlich, Nancy, “Bubblegum is an Artificial Product But Its Sales Are Super,” Billboard (July 22, 1972): 66.There are at least two ways to look at this situation, and one stems from the critique of mass media as a creator of predetermined niche markets meant to attract the widest possible market share and, as a result, advertising money.85 The merging of MOR and Top 40 formats, according to this critique, happened because of the financial advantages inherent in combining two demographics.

  • OLD BUSINESS20 100-Citizen Petition-Request to Change Zoning Ordinance Section 120-64.7.1 Billboard Overlay District - Reconsideration of Measure Resultant from Veto by Mayor, Pursuant to Charter Section 3-7 President Mathews reported that the Council passed the measure on December 7, 2020.

More Definitions of Billboard

Billboard means a sign separate from a premises erected for the purpose of advertising a product, event, person, or subject not related to the premises on which the sign is located. Billboard does not include an off-premises directional sign.
Billboard means a structure, primarily self-supporting, which is used for the display of general advertising, the subject matter of which is not necessarily related to the use or ownership of the property on which the structure is located;
Billboard. ’ means any screen or board which stands free and is larger than 4,5 m² in total area; which is supported by, or consists of, a structure used, for the purpose of posting, displaying or exhibiting a sign;
Billboard means any screen or board larger than 4,5m2, supported by a free-standing structure, which is to be used or intended to be used for the purpose of posting, displaying or exhibiting an advertisement and which is also commonly known as an advertising hoarding, and of which the main function is to advertise non-locality bound products, activities or services;
Billboard means a large outdoor advertising structure.
Billboard means any outdoor display used to advertise products and services, including all billboards, transit displays, mall displays, parking garage displays, electronic displays and related structures and any ownership or leasehold interests in any of the foregoing.
Billboard means an individual advertisement that both (1) is placed outdoors or in an arena, stadium or shopping mall and (2) occupies an area larger than 70 square feet (or is placed in such proximity to any other such advertisement so as to create a single “mosaic”-type advertisement larger than 70 square feet); provided that “Billboard” does not include an advertisement on the outside (but on the property) of a JLI facility.