Houseboat definition

Houseboat means a powered vessel containing living accommodation, usually flat- bottomed and used in navigation.
Houseboat means any vessel as defined in RCW 88.02.010(1). For registration and certificate of ownership purposes, a houseboat does not include any building on a float used in whole or in part for human habitation as a single- family dwelling which is not powered by self-propulsion by mechanical means or wind.
Houseboat means any boat containing a toilet or sleeping accommodation or capable of containing enclosed or semi-enclosed sleeping accommodation;

Examples of Houseboat in a sentence

  • No vessel may be used as a static Houseboat and all vessels must be kept in a clean, mobile, seaworthy condition except where under repair, such repairs to be executed with reasonable dispatch.

  • Figure 2: Houseboat Blend Diagram Figure 3: Boathouse Blend SpaceFigure 3 shows a second blend of the same two concepts, which in English is called a “boathouse.” In it, the boat ends up in the house.

  • Analysis of Jacobs Discussion Paper In late 2016, Houseboat owners were notified by the Department of Environment, land Water and Planning (DELWP) that an independent investigation would be made into the grey water regulations by Jacobs Consultants.In December 2016, Jacobs released their discussion paper, requesting feedback on potential opportunities outlined in this paper to inform their final recommendations to DELWP.

  • They have not investigated Houseboat grey water discharge, or provided any evidence that this discharge contributes to lake pollution.

  • Page-Lake Powell Area Houseboat Hauling Envelope PermitR17-6-501.R17-6-507.

More Definitions of Houseboat

Houseboat means a boat or similar structure designed or adapted for use as a place to live.”
Houseboat means watercraft primarily used as habitation and not used primarily as a means of transportation.
Houseboat means any large non-reducible watercraft, including a yacht, which when hauled on a vehicle issued an envelope or special permit by the Department as provided under A.R.S. § 28-1144(B), and this Chapter, will not exceed any allowable size or weight indicated on the permit.
Houseboat means a self-propelled boat designed for use as a temporary dwelling. Any houseboat moored in one location and used as a dwelling for more than 10 days of any 30-day period is classified as a ‘liveaboard’.
Houseboat means a any vessel that which is used primarily as a residence for at least a minimum of 21 days during any 30-day period, in a county of this state if such, and this residential use of the vessel is to the preclusion of its the use of the vessel as a means of transportation.
Houseboat means a vessel used as a residence but designed substantially as a mobile structure by means of detachable self contained utilities or facilities, anchoring, and the presence of adequate self-propulsion to operate as a vessel.
Houseboat means any vessel which is fitted for use as a permanent or temporary place of habitation, and is either stationary or capable of being moved by oars, sweeps, or towing.