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Parade means any procession or body of pedestrians, except members of the Armed Forces, numbering more than 30, standing, marching or walking on any street or sidewalk, or any group of vehicles numbering ten or more, except funeral processions, standing or moving on any street;
Parade. Defined. “Parade” means any march or procession of persons or vehicles organized for marching or moving on the streets in an organized fashion or manner or any march or procession of persons or vehicles represented or advertised to the public as a parade.
Parade means any march or other organized movement of persons from place to place, or about a place.

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  • Kansas City, MO is eligible for, and plans to seek, a broad range of funding to support redevelopment of the priority site and the entire Parade Park Homes project, including HUD HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) funds, HUD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, and funds from a local Central City Economic Development (CCED) Sales Tax program.

  • The interested ARCs/ Banks/ NBFCs/ FIs can conduct due diligence of these assets with immediate effect, after submitting expression of interest and executing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Bank, if not already executed, to the Deputy General Manager (S&R), State Bank of India, Stressed Assets Resolution Group (SARG), Corporate Centre, 2nd Floor, The Arcade, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400005 (Mail Id :

  • It seems inevitablethe creation of new units will lead to some congestion to the rear of the Parade as the remaining access shown uses the narrow lane servicing the supermarket.-Short Term parking on Laygate Lane is important for existing traders and will become more so with additional outlets so further 'competition' for that limited parking looks inevitable.

  • In addition, special meetings will be scheduled at convenient times at the Gregg Klice Community Center, adjacent to Parade Park Homes, to coincide with project decision points and milestones, such as the project kickoff, delivery of assessment reports, and development of the ABCA.

  • Task/Activity Lead: City is lead on Task 2, working closely with Parade Park Homes and master developer.v. Outputs: Four Phase II reports, one for each development phase; Haz Mat Survey reports for 28 buildings; one or more Risk Assessments as needed; four ABCAs. Task 3: Community Engagementi.

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Parade means a procession of persons using the public right of way and consisting of 15 or more persons or five or more vehicles but does not include funeral processions or bicycle rides of 15 or fewer riders within a mile of each other over the same roadway so long as the actual number of participants and spectators is or is reasonably anticipated to be less than an Outdoor Mass Gathering or an Extended Outdoor Mass Gathering.
Parade means a public procession, usually sometimes including a marching band or float(s) and often of a celebratory nature, held in honor of an anniversary, event, person, cause, etc.
Parade means any march, demonstration, procession or motorcade consisting of persons, animals or vehicles or a combination thereof upon the streets, parks or other public grounds within the Village of Sheffield with an intent of attracting public attention that interferes with the normal flow or regulation of traffic upon the streets, parks or other public grounds.
Parade means an organized group marching in procession on a street. Parades do not include races, runs or other athletic events.
Parade or "procession" or "proceed" shall mean any march, demonstration, procession, motorcade, or promenade consisting of persons, animals, or vehicles, or a combination thereof, having a common purpose, design, destination, or goal; upon any public place or right-of-way, which parade, march, demonstration, procession, motorcade, or promenade does not comply with normal and usual traffic regulations or control.
Parade means any march or procession consisting of people, animals, bicycles, vehicles, or combination thereof, except wedding processions and funeral processions, upon any public street or sidewalk which does not comply with adopted traffic regulations or controls.
Parade means any parade, march, ceremony, show, exhibition, run, bicycle race, pageant or procession of any kind or any similar display in or upon any street, park or other public place in the Borough.