TELRIC definition

TELRIC means Total Element Long-Run Incremental Cost.
TELRIC means Total Element Long-Run Incremental Cost. “Third Party” means any person other than a Party.
TELRIC means Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost, a costing methodology defined in, and applied in accordance with the requirements of, the FCC Regulations.

Examples of TELRIC in a sentence

  • CLEC may retain its embedded base of UNE DS3 loops at TELRIC rates in these wire centers for 36 months from the Effective Date of the Order.

  • CLEC may retain its embedded base of UNE DS1 loops (including those ordered in the 24-month new ordering period) in these wire centers at TELRIC rates for 42 months from the Effective Date of the Order.

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  • The CMRS Providers presented to the Commission rates that they calculated for each RLEC using as a starting point the TELRIC rate for reciprocal compensation established for BellSouth.

  • With no TELRIC study upon which to base rates, the Commission must either use the proxy rates or require bill-and-keep.

  • Once relevant TELRIC rates are approved, those rates shall replace the proxy rates ordered herein on a prospective basis.

  • The RLECs must submit proposed TELRIC studies within 90 days of the date of this Order.

  • They argue that although the FCC declassified entrance facilities as a UNE under Section 251(c)(3), that decision does not affect the requirement that ILECs provide entrance facilities at TELRIC prices when used for interconnection pursuant to Section 251(c)(2).

  • During discovery in this matter, McLeod compared TELRIC principles with other costing and pricing principles, including short run marginal costs.

  • Farrar Rebuttal Testimony, Attachment RGF-8 (revised).on sampled network utilization may also be used to derive TELRIC prices.

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