Investment Consultant definition

Investment Consultant means PMA Asset Management, LLC, or such other Person who shall be acceptable to the Governing Board.

Examples of Investment Consultant in a sentence

  • Details on the amount of compensation of any kind or value paid, or expected to be paid, to any placement agent, finder, third-party intermediary or other individual or entity for any services provided in respect of any client of either TRSL’s Investment Consultant (Aon Investments USA Inc.).

  • On a quarterly basis, the Investment Consultant will review the portfolio for rebalancing to target allocations.

  • The Investment Consultant shall prepare a monthly summary holdings report and a quarterly performance report on the investment managers and the total assets of the Foundation.

  • The Investment Consultant shall meet with the Committee as requested.

  • Any appointment of an Investment Consultant thereafter must be made by the Fund at its expense.The Board shall detennine the investment policy of the Fund and shall review, and if necessary, revise it at intervals of not more than three years.

More Definitions of Investment Consultant

Investment Consultant means any entity retained by the Board to make recommendations in developing an investment policy, to assist with finding appropriate Investment Advisers or other investment related professionals, or to monitor the Board’s investments. Investment Consultant does not include non- investment related professionals or professionals offering services that are not directly related to the investment of assets, such as legal counsel, actuary, proxy voting services, services used to track compliance with legal standards, and investment fund of funds where the Board has no direct contractual relationship with the Investment Adviser(s) or partnerships.
Investment Consultant means a person who monitors the investment performance of the system and provides other services as requested by the board.
Investment Consultant means the principal investment consultant selected by the Board from time to time to advise the Board about the investment functions of the Plan;
Investment Consultant means any person, firm or corporation who is qualified and has been engaged by the Board to provide investment advice pursuant to Section 125 of this Chapter.
Investment Consultant means RBC Global Asset Management (U.S.), Inc. (RBC GAM-US)., or such other Person who shall be acceptable to the Governing Board.