Prepayment Fee definition

Prepayment Fee is, with respect to any Term Loan subject to prepayment prior to the Maturity Date, whether by mandatory or voluntary prepayment, acceleration or otherwise, an additional fee payable to the Lenders in amount equal to:
Prepayment Fee shall have the meaning set forth in the Mezzanine Note.
Prepayment Fee means any fee payable by the issuer of the securities on the early redemption of the securities, the amount of which is determined by the terms of the issuance of the securities; and

Examples of Prepayment Fee in a sentence

  • If the Prepayment Notice specifies Prepayment Fee, it shall also specify the deadline by which the Borrower may accept the Prepayment Notice, and the Borrower must accept the Prepayment Notice no later than such deadline as a condition to prepayment.

  • The Borrower shall make a prepayment in accordance with the Prepayment Notice and shall accompany the prepayment by the payment of accrued interest and Prepayment Fee or indemnity, if any, due on the Prepayment Amount, as specified in the Prepayment Notice, and shall identify the Contract Number in the prepayment transfer.

  • In the case of a Prepayment Event in relation to a Tranche, the Borrower shall pay the relevant Prepayment Fee.

  • The Prepayment Notice shall specify the Prepayment Amount, the accrued interest due thereon, the Prepayment Fee and the method of application of the Prepayment Amount.

  • In case of demand under Article 9.1 (Right to demand repayment), the Borrower shall pay the Bank the amount demanded together with the relevant Prepayment Fee.

More Definitions of Prepayment Fee

Prepayment Fee means an amount equal to the greater of (i) the Yield Maintenance Amount, or (ii) five percent (5%) of the unpaid principal balance of the Note as of the Repayment Date.
Prepayment Fee has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.
Prepayment Fee is a fee on any portion of the Obligations with a fixed interest rate (the "Fixed Obligations") paid before the payment due date. "Base Interest Rate" means Bank's initial cost of funding the Fixed Obligations. The Prepayment Fee is calculated as follows: First, Bank determines a "Current Market Rate" based on what the Bank would receive if it loaned the remaining amount on the prepayment date in a wholesale funding market matching maturity, remaining principal and interest amounts and principal and interest payment dates (the aggregate payments received are the "Current Market Rate Amount"). Bank may select any wholesale funding market rate as the Current Market Rate. Second, Bank will take the prepayment amount and calculate the present value of each remaining principal and interest payment which, without prepayment, the Bank would have received during the term of the Fixed Obligations using the Base Interest Rate. The sum of the present value calculations is the "Xxxx to Market Amount." Third, the Bank will subtract the Xxxx to Market Amount from the Current Market Rate Amount. Any amount greater than zero is the Prepayment Fee.
Prepayment Fee has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.12(b).
Prepayment Fee means, with respect to any prepayment of the Loans:
Prepayment Fee has the meaning given to it in Section 9.
Prepayment Fee means the prepayment fee specified in Schedule E.