part-time worker definition

part-time worker means a worker regularly employed to work a lesser number of hours per week than thirty-eight. A Part Time Worker shall receive pro rata entitlement to annual leave, sick leave and public holidays in the same proportion as the number of hours worked per week bears to thirty-eight hours.
part-time worker means a worker whose normal hours of work are less than those of a comparable full-time worker;
part-time worker means a worker who works regularly from week to week for not less than 15 hours and not more than 30 hours each week.

More Definitions of part-time worker

part-time worker means a worker who is regularly employed for less than forty hours each week.
part-time worker means a worker in employment with a single employer and who does not perform more than 24 hours work in a week;
part-time worker means a worker other than a casual worker and other than a worker in continuous employment or engaged for a fixed term;
part-time worker means an employee whose normal hours of work, calculated on a weekly basis or on average over a period of employment of up to one year, are less than the normal hours of work of a comparable full-time worker.
part-time worker means a person whose hours of work are less than 24 hours per week. Part- time workers are not members of the bargaining unit and are not covered by the provisions of this collective agreement.
part-time worker means a person who is employed under a contract of service on a part-time basis for a specified number of hours a day or specified number of hours or days a week;
part-time worker means a person employed on an hourly, daily or weekly basis and paid not less than double the hourly, daily or weekly rate specified in the First Schedule for his grade;