seasonal worker definition

seasonal worker means a worker who has been paid wages by a seasonal employer for work performed only during the normal seasonal work period.
seasonal worker means a person subject to the legislation of Jersey or Guernsey or Ireland who goes to the territory of Jersey or Guernsey or Ireland (not being the one in which he is ordinarily resident) in order to carry out in that territory for an employer or undertaking with a place of business there, employment of a seasonal character which depends on the cycle of the seasons and which recurs automatically each year, and the duration of which cannot in any case exceed eight months, and who remains in that territory for the duration of that employment;
seasonal worker means a third-country national who retains his or her principal place of residence in a third country and stays legally and temporarily in the territory of a Member State to carry out an activity dependent on the passing of the seasons, under one or more fixed-term work contracts concluded directly between that third-country national and the employer established in that Member State;

More Definitions of seasonal worker

seasonal worker means a worker at least twenty‑five percent of whose base period wages are seasonal wages.
seasonal worker means any employed person who goes to the territory of a Member State other than the one in which he is resident to do work there of a seasonal nature for an undertaking or an employer of that State for a period which may on no account exceed eight month, and who stays in the territory of the said State for the duration of this work; work of a seasonal nature shall be taken to mean work which, being dependent on the succession of the seasons, automatically recurs each year; (ca) student means any person other than an employed or self-employed person or a member of his family or survivor within the meaning of this Regulation who studies or receives vocational training leading to a qualification officially recognised by the authorities of a Member State, and is insured under a general social security scheme or a special social security scheme applicable to students;
seasonal worker means any person who is employed by an employer for an aggregate period of at least one to three months over a 12-month period with the same employer and whose work is interrupted by reason of a seasonal variation in the availability of work.
seasonal worker means a person who has been or may be granted a temporary work permit by the Chief Immigration Officer under section 53 for employment in the tourism, hospitality or water sports industry during the peak tourism season for a continuous period not exceeding eight months in any period of twelve months;
seasonal worker means a worker temporarily employed or engaged to perform seasonal horticultural work at seasonal Work Premises;
seasonal worker means an individual who is:
seasonal worker means an individual whose engagement is characterized as