OGS definition

OGS means the New York State Office of General Services.
OGS means the New York State Office of General Services. “OSC” shall mean the New York State Office of the State Comptroller.
OGS means Office of General Services

Examples of OGS in a sentence

  • If an entire insurance policy is submitted but not requested, OGS shall not be obligated to review and shall not be chargeable with knowledge of its contents.

  • In addition, submission of an entire insurance policy not requested by OGS does not constitute proof of compliance with the insurance requirements and does not discharge Contractors from submitting the requested insurance documentation.

  • OGS generally requires Contractors to submit only certificates of insurance and additional insured endorsements, although OGS reserves the right to request other proof of insurance.

  • For purposes of Bid openings held and conducted by Authorized Users other than OGS, the term late Bid is defined as a Bid not received in the location established in the Bid Specifications at or before the date and time specified for the Bid opening.

  • The Contractor agrees, if requested by the Commissioner of OGS or her designee, to present evidence of its continuing legal authority to do business in New York State, integrity, experience, ability, prior performance, and organizational and financial capacity.

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OGS means Office of General Services.2. Detailed Scope of Work/Service Requirements‌2.1 Scope of Contract‌The purpose of any contract(s) resulting from this Request for Quotes is to install a Datum Mobile File System for the NYS Office of General Services, on the first floor of Building 4, W. Averill Harriman State Office Campus in Albany, NY. Tracks will be installed on concrete curbs in subfloor. Raised floor will be installed around tracks. Vendor will need to come in to install track first and return after flooring contractor has installed floor to assemble and install carriages. Please see Section 2.12- Scheduling for anticipated timeframes. 2.2 Plan Review‌Before the installation work is scheduled to commence, a conference will be called by the Commissioner’s Representative at the site for the purpose of reviewing the drawings, specifications, site conditions, scheduling, and discussing requirements for the work. The conference shall be attended by the Contractor’s Onsite Installation supervisor. These meetings may also include contractors from other trades, should they impact installation of the mobile file system.Contractor’s Onsite Installation supervisor shall be available for additional meetings, should the plan need to be revised due to unforeseen circumstances. 2.3 Size of System‌Specifications are provided for reference purposes. See RFQ Attachment 2Floor Plan for a floor plan. Any further changes to attached specifications will be discussed in Plan Review, see Section 2.2 – Plan Review.General Specifications:Datum Mechanical Assist Mobile system and Datum track slider bi-file system, complete with 4-post shelving
OGS means Ontario Geological Surveyopt” means troy ounces per short ton
OGS means ongoing support, as defined in Section 4.7.1.
OGS mean the hardware, software, firmware and Technical Information and includes all other materials/elements that individually or collectively constitute the Modification, which system receives data from the OrbView-3 and OrbView-4 satellites and stores, retrieves, processes and manipulates such data to form products in accordance with Exhibit D (Technical Specifications).
OGS means the New York State Office of General Services. “OSC” shall mean the New York State Office of the State Comptroller.The “State” shall mean The People of the State of New York, which shall also mean the New York State office of General Services.2. Scope of Work‌Service Requirements‌Any resultant contract will be a full-service contract. The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment, transportation, license, permits, travel, all other ancillary (administrative, insurance, reporting, overhead, profit, employee training, parking, etc.) costs and equipment necessary for the performance of Tree Cubing Services. Details of service not explicitly stated in these specifications, but necessarily attendant thereto, is deemed understood by the Contractor as included herein. Contractor and its employees shall meet any required safety codes, rules and regulations by all federal, state, and municipal governments, including those for use of any temporary scaffolding systems. Frequency and Location of Work‌Tree Cubing Services will be provided at the Grounds Supervisor’s Request. The Grounds Supervisor’s request will contain # of trees to be pruned, location of the trees, ideal times for services to be conducted, and the type(s) of service(s) requested. Please also see section 2.6 Scheduling of Work 2.2.1 Plaza Specifications‌Limitations in Access, Landscaping, and Site Protection:
OGS means the Oakley Generating Station in Contra Costa County, n. shall mean a portion of this Decree identified by an arabic