Monitored definition

Monitored means to receive information about entities, either directly or indirectly.
Monitored means Vodafone provides proactive remote monitoring of the LAN when the Equipment is owned by Customer. Monitored Service must be purchased with Maintained Service.Element; (d) these Service Terms; and (e) the General Terms.
Monitored means Vodafone provides proactive remote monitoring of the LAN when the Equipment is owned by Customer. Monitored Service must be purchased with Maintained Service.

Examples of Monitored in a sentence

  • Monitored on their Federal civil rights compliance using the Federal Civil Rights Compliance Checklist, which can be found in the Vendor/RFP section of the DHHS website.

  • Monitored Employees living outside the U.S. are not subject to this requirement.

  • U.S.-based Monitored Employees should refer to MySource to obtain the current list of approved broker-dealers.

  • Non-U.S.-based Monitored Employees, including Fund Service and Fund Officer Employees, are required to submit to Local Compliance, upon receipt from their broker, trade confirmations or contract notes for trades in non-exempt securities.

  • Monitored hospitals in the conduct of emergency hiring of health personnel.

  • Additionally, as part of this annual reporting requirement, Monitored Employees must also certify that they have read, understand, and complied with this policy.

  • Monitored the harvesting activities of farmers for market matching and product positioning.

  • For securities held outside of an account (such as those held directly with an issuer or maintained in paper certificate form), Monitored Employees must comply with the company’s request to confirm transactions and holdings.

  • BFAR IIIa. Issued a total of 1,305 food lane passes for the movement of fish and fishery products.b. Utilized Food Lane Pass Online Application as an alternative channel for traders to lessen close contact.c. Issued a total of 1,915 IATF IDs for drivers and crews.d. Monitored market prices of fish and fishery products throughout the region.

  • Non-U.S.-based Monitored Employees are required to submit their trade confirmations/contract notes and account statements to their Local Compliance.

More Definitions of Monitored

Monitored means to check, track, or observe.
Monitored. Credit Product means any Credit Product that is not specified as Point-in-time in the Fee Agreement or letter assigning the Credit Product; Prodotto Creditizio “monitorato” indica un Prodotto Creditizio non indicato come point-of-time nell’Accordo sulle Commissioni o nella comunicazione con cui viene assegnato il Prodotto Creditizio;
Monitored. Credit Product means any Credit Product that is not specified as Point-in-time in the Fee Agreement or letter assigning the Credit Product; ES COPIA FIEL F itch R atings, Inc. 33 W hitehall S treet, N ew Y o rk , N Y 10004 T +1 212 908 0 5 0 0 |+ 1 800 89 FITC H DEL ORIGINAL w w w .fitch ratin g x.xx m H - c ^ ER C ED ^ S B. YP 0 RRE m (E PRO«. AUTÍNT1FICACIÓH ï COKUKiCACIOKtS COORDINACIÓN DE ACTUACIONES Min, de Ecdnomía y Servicios Públicos ♦^ltchiiatmgs ResoluciónN4 9 9 . 1 _ Un Producto de Crédito "Monitorizado" es cualquier Producto de Crédito no especificado como de Punto en el tiempo en el Acuerdo de Honorarios o en la carta de asignación del Producto de Crédito;
Monitored. Credit Product means any Credit Product that is not specified as Point-in-time in the Fee Agreement or letter assigning the Credit Product;

Related to Monitored

  • Monitor means the corporate body known as Monitor as provided by section 61 of the 2012 Act;

  • Stable in relation to land, means landform dimensions are or will be stable within tolerable limits now and in the foreseeable future. Stability includes consideration of geotechnical stability, settlement and consolidation allowances, bearing capacity (trafficability), erosion resistance and geochemical stability with respect to seepage, leachate and related contaminant generation.

  • Monitoring means the measurement of radiation, radioactive material concentrations, surface area activities or quantities of radioactive material and the use of the results of these measurements to evaluate potential exposures and doses. For purposes of these regulations, "radiation monitoring" and "radiation protection monitoring" are equivalent terms. For Part XI (12VAC5-481-2330 et seq.) of this chapter, it means observing and making measurements to provide data to evaluate the performance and characteristics of the disposal site.

  • Study means the investigation to be conducted in accordance with the Protocol.

  • Monitoring well means a water well intended for the purpose of determining groundwater quality or quantity.

  • Encrypted means the transformation of data into a form which results in a low probability of assigning meaning without the use of a protective process or key.

  • Monitoring System means a system established by BNY to fulfill the Responsibilities specified in clauses (d) and (e) of Section 1 of Article III of this Agreement.

  • Population means the population as ascertained at the last preceding census of which the relevant figures have been published;

  • Unsupervised means not in the presence of:

  • Screening means the evaluation process used to identify an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living and address health and safety concerns.

  • E-Verify system means an Internet-based system operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of newly hired employees; and

  • Sustainability means the use, development, and protection of resources at a rate and in a manner that enables people to meet their current needs while allowing future generations to meet their own needs; “sustainability” requires simultaneously meeting environmental, economic and community needs.

  • Sustainable means a technology or concept that allows the use of a natural resource

  • Dedicated means equipment and personnel com- mitted to oil spill response, containment, and cleanup that are not used for any other activity that would make it difficult or impossible for that equipment and personnel to provide oil spill response services in the time frames specified in this chapter.

  • CAISO-Approved Meter means any revenue quality, electric energy measurement meter furnished by Seller, that (a) is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the CAISO’s metering requirements, or, to the extent that the CAISO’s metering requirements do not apply, Prudent Electrical Practices, and (b) includes all of the associated metering transformers and related appurtenances that are required in order to measure the net electric energy output from the Generating Facility.

  • Coefficient means a number that represents the quantified relationship of each variable to the assessed value of a property when derived through a mass appraisal process

  • Site means the place or places where the permanent Works are to be carried out including workshops where the same is being prepared.

  • Stability means structural stability.

  • Monitoring Indicator means a measure of HSP performance that may be monitored against provincial results or provincial targets, but for which no Performance Target is set;

  • Jobsite means the immediate work area within the property lines of a single construction project, alteration project, or maintenance project where electrical construction or alteration of electrical wiring is in progress.

  • Guide or “EPG” means a program guide maintained by the MSO that lists television channels and programmes, and scheduling and programming information therein and includes any enhanced guide that allows subscribers to navigate and select such available channels and programmes.

  • Monitoring device means the total equipment used to measure and record (if applicable) process parameters.

  • New Jersey Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual or “BMP Manual” means the manual maintained by the Department providing, in part, design specifications, removal rates, calculation methods, and soil testing procedures approved by the Department as being capable of contributing to the achievement of the stormwater management standards specified in this chapter. The BMP Manual is periodically amended by the Department as necessary to provide design specifications on additional best management practices and new information on already included practices reflecting the best available current information regarding the particular practice and the Department’s determination as to the ability of that best management practice to contribute to compliance with the standards contained in this chapter. Alternative stormwater management measures, removal rates, or calculation methods may be utilized, subject to any limitations specified in this chapter, provided the design engineer demonstrates to the municipality, in accordance with Section IV.F. of this ordinance and N.J.A.C. 7:8-5.2(g), that the proposed measure and its design will contribute to achievement of the design and performance standards established by this chapter.

  • Disinfection profile means a summary of daily Giardia lamblia inactivation through the treatment plant. The procedure for developing a disinfection profile is contained in s. NR 810.34.

  • Opiate means any substance having an addiction-forming or addiction-sustaining liability similar to morphine or being capable of conversion into a drug having addiction-forming or addiction-sustaining liability. The term does not include, unless specifically designated as controlled under section 19-03.1-02, the dextrorotatory isomer of 3-methoxy-n-methylmorphinan and its salts (dextromethorphan). The term includes its racemic and levorotatory forms.

  • Emission control system means the electronic engine management controller and any emission related component in the exhaust or evaporative system which supplies an input to or receives an output from this controller.