Monitor definition

Monitor means the corporate body known as Monitor as provided by section 61 of the 2012 Act;
Monitor means a device that converts a signal into images that are rendered into the visual spectrum.
Monitor means to hear or observe, live, by audio or video equipment, all of the public statements of each member of the public body who is participating in a meeting.

Examples of Monitor in a sentence

  • Any data, comments or materials that you supply or if you transmit any ideas, information, concepts, know-how or techniques or materials to us or provide to Xxxxxx in order to receive support or for improving or modifying the Services, Monitor or any software, hardware, components or other parts that make up the Services, including feedback data, such as questions, comments, suggestions or the like (“Feedback”), shall be deemed to be non-confidential and non- proprietary.

  • Patient data or information collected from a Device through a Monitor and uploaded to the Services and data submitted by you through the Services.

  • Commands or parameters you directly submit into the Services or that you direct us to submit on your behalf that are transmitted to a Monitor to assist you in monitoring and/or managing certain Patient’s Devices.

  • The Services may also include, upon your instructions and authorization, and following Patient enrolment, Xxxxxx directly contacting Patients on your behalf to provide online and/or telephone support related to Monitor set-up, its operation and/or connectivity to and/or to ship a separate Monitor, where necessary and available.

  • Technical memorandum describing pilot project site characterization and collected data • Inventory of piezometers and map of installed piezometers • Photos of piezonmeter installations Task 5: Data Analysis and Reporting Monitor stream flows, groundwater elevations and other parameters to measure performance and effectiveness of the projects.

More Definitions of Monitor

Monitor means any monitor appointed pursuant to Paragraph III of this Order to Maintain Assets or Paragraph III of the Decision and Order.
Monitor means to hear or observe, live, by audio or video equipment, all of the
Monitor means and is a reference to the person appointed under the Judgment to oversee, among other obligations, Servicer’s satisfaction of the Consumer Relief Requirements, and the Monitor is Joseph A. Smith, Jr., who will be referred to in this Report in the first person;
Monitor means to:
Monitor means to listen to or record, or both.
Monitor means to conduct a planned sequence of observations or measurements to assess whether control measures are operating as intended.
Monitor means to re-assess or re-evaluate, at reasonable intervals, a decision, determination or analysis previously made.