Monitor definition

Monitor means the corporate body known as Monitor as provided by section 61 of the 2012 Act;
Monitor means any monitor appointed pursuant to Paragraph III of this Order or Paragraph III of the related Order to Maintain Assets.
Monitor means and is a reference to the person appointed under the Judgment to oversee, among other obligations, Servicer’s compliance with the Servicing Standards, and the Monitor is Joseph A. Smith, Jr., who will be referred to in this Report in the first person;

Examples of Monitor in a sentence

The Independent Monitor will consider the Parties’ comments, mediate any disputes, and approve documents with any changes within thirty (30) days.

The task of the Monitor is to review independently and objectively, whether and to what extent the parties comply with the obligations under this agreement.

The parties offer to the Monitor the option to participate in such meetings.

Beyond this, the Monitor has no right to demand from the parties that they act in a specific manner, refrain from action or tolerate action.

Safeguarding Monitor online system is Ark’s mandatory system for safeguarding recording. Coordinate safeguarding action for individual children.

More Definitions of Monitor

Monitor means a device that converts a signal into images that are rendered into the visual spectrum.
Monitor means to hear or observe, live, by audio or video equipment, all of the public statements of each member of the public body who is participating in a meeting.
Monitor means FTI Consulting Canada Inc., in its capacity as Court-appointed Monitor of SFC in the CCAA Proceeding.
Monitor means to:
Monitor means to re-assess or re-evaluate, at reasonable intervals, a decision, determination or analysis previously made.
Monitor means FTI Consulting Canada Inc., in its capacity as Monitor of the CCAA Parties and not in its personal or corporate capacity;