Major Alteration definition

Major Alteration means change other than repair or replacement of building materials or equipment with materials and equipment of a similar type.
Major Alteration means an alteration as defined in the standard. Any person, firm or corporation performing such major alteration shall obtain a permit from the department as outlined in section 15 of this act.
Major Alteration means a change in the type or capacity of an amusement ride or amusement attraction or a change in the structure or mechanism that materially affects its functions or operation. This includes, but is not limited to changing its mode of transportation from non-wheeled to a truck or flat-bed mount, and changing its mode of assembly or other operational functions from manual to mechanical or hydraulic.

Examples of Major Alteration in a sentence

  • Construction, Modernization, or Major Alteration and Renovation of Research Facilities.Additionally, all NIH grant awards should not involve activities that violate provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 or other statutory requirements.

  • The contents of Columns 3 to 6 define the “Type of Design Submission” as, Major Alteration, Minor A Alteration, or Minor B – Notification.

  • All construction of a building or structural improvement, all landscaping (except as indicated in 2.3 and 2.4 A, B & C)) or other site improvement, and all Major Alteration or Addition to any existing structure or site.

  • The term “unapproved improvements” includes any Major Addition or Major Alteration made without prior ARC approval.

  • The Fees are: (1) Construction of a New Home, $3000 or (2) Remodeling of a Finished Home, $500 for a Major Alteration or Addition, $250 for a Minor Alteration or Addition, and No Fee for a Minor Improvement.

More Definitions of Major Alteration

Major Alteration means work performed to any conveyance that is not routine maintenance or repair.
Major Alteration means any change to equipment or other maintenance, repair or re- placement where work is defined by any applicable code requirement.
Major Alteration means a substantial modification of a swimming facility. The term includes, but is not limited to, an alteration of a pool that changes the water surface area, depth or volume; addition of a permanently installed recreational appurtenance such as a diving board, slide or starting platform to a pool or beach; modification of the design of the recirculation system for a pool; or addition, replacement or modification of a bather preparation facility for a swimming facility. Examples of alterations that are not major include, but are not limited to, painting of a swimming pool, replacement of a pool filter or pump having identical characteristics or replacement of plumbing fixtures in a bather preparation facility.
Major Alteration means an alteration in any of the structural parts, exits, entrances, window openings and stairways, or any alteration in connection with a change of occupancy of a building or structure.
Major Alteration means an alteration for which rule 875—71.10(89A) requires that the entire conveyance comply with current codes.