Surface Area definition

Surface Area of a sign means that entire area within a single continuous perimeter enclosing the extreme limit of writing, representation, emblem, or any figure or similar character, together with any material or colour, forming an integral part of the display or used to differentiate such sign from the background against which it is placed, but does not include the supporting structure of the sign.
Surface Area means the area in square feet or in acres of the surface of the body of water impounded by the dam when the impoundment is at the level set by the principal spillway.
Surface Area means the surface area of a lake, pond, or reservoir as shown on Appendix A.

Examples of Surface Area in a sentence

The primary outcome was the achievement of sustained MDA, defined as meeting 5 ofthe 7 following; tender joint count ≤ 1, swollen joint count ≤ 1, tender entheseal points ≤ 1, Psoriasis Activity and Severity Index ≤ 1 or Body Surface Area ≤ 3%, patient pain visual analogue scale (VAS) ≤ 20, patient global disease activity VAS ≤ 20; Health Assessment Questionnaire ≤ 0.5, for at least two consecutive visits.

Fast Calculation of Molecular Polar Surface Area as a Sum of Fragment-Based Contributions and Its Application to the Prediction of Drug Transport Properties.

Physisorption of Gases, with Special Reference to the Evaluation of Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution (IUPAC Technical Report).

C.2 Surface Area PreparationClean the surface areas adjacent to cracks of all dirt, dust, grease, oil, efflorescence, or other foreign matter, which may be detrimental to adhesion of the surface seal material.

Sign Surface Area — The size of any sign, computed by multiplying its greatest length by its greatest height.

REFERENCE−FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 2−1−17, Radio Communications Transfer.FAA Order JO 7110.65, Para 3−1−11, Surface Area Restrictions.

The Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections dialog box is displayed.

Click the Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections link.

Impervious Surface Area greater than 15 percent and or less than or equal to 30 percent.

Vuoksimaa et al., The Genetic Association Between Neocortical Volume and General Cognitive Ability Is Driven by Global Surface Area Rather Than Thickness.

More Definitions of Surface Area

Surface Area means the surface parking lot area not occupied by the Parking Structure, as constructed in substantial accordance with the Final Plans.
Surface Area in the case of signs, means the total area of the sign, excluding supports as measured on one (1) side.
Surface Area means surface area of land and land under water;
Surface Area means the area between the highest horizontal fence part and the lowest horizontal fence part, excluding gates and/or gate opening areas.
Surface Area means a specific physical portion of a surface coal mine or surface area of an underground coal mine. These areas are assigned a four digit identification number by MSHA.

Related to Surface Area

Drainage area means a geographic area within which stormwater, sediments, or dissolved materials drain to a particular receiving waterbody or to a particular point along a receiving waterbody.
Building Area means the greatest horizontal area of a storey above grade within the outside surface of exterior walls or within the outside surface of exterior walls and the centre line of firewalls.
site area means the area of any land on which development is or is to be carried out. The land may include the whole or part of one lot, or more than one lot if they are contiguous to each other, but does not include the area of any land on which development is not permitted to be carried out under this Plan. [Note: The effect of this definition is varied by clause 4.5 for the purpose of the determination of permitted floor space area for proposed development.]
Surface water means water upon the surface of the earth, whether contained in bounds created naturally or artificially or diffused. Water from natural springs shall be classified as surface water when it exits from the spring onto the earth’s surface.
Surface waters means all waters of the state as defined in G.S. 143-212 except underground waters.
mining area means all those pieces of land containing two hundred and forty‑six (246) square miles or thereabouts situate in what is known to the parties as the “Ora Banda‑Siberia Nickel Laterite Area” the subject of the mineral claims applications for mineral claims and Temporary Reserves listed in the First Schedule hereto which are generally delineated and respectively coloured green and orange and red in the plan marked “X” signed by or on behalf of the parties for the purpose of identification;
Surface mining means all, or any part of, the process involved in the mining of minerals on mined lands by removing overburden and mining directly from the mineral deposit, open-pit mining of minerals naturally exposed, mining by the auger method, dredging and quarrying, or surface work incident to an underground mine. "Surface mining" includes, but is not limited to, in place distillation or retorting or leaching, the production and disposal of mining waste, prospecting and exploratory activities or any activity subject to regulation under the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975, Public Resources Code section 2700 et seq.
Concession Area means particulars of the area as more particularly described in Form A of West Bengal Minor Minerals (Auction) Rules, 2016.
Storage area means any location, facility, or vehicle that is used to store and secure a radiographic exposure device, a radiation machine, or a storage container when it is not used for radiographic operations. Storage areas are locked or have a physical barrier to prevent accidental exposure, tampering, or unauthorized removal of the device, machine, or container.
mining areas means the areas delineated and coloured red on the Plan marked “A” initialled by or on behalf of the parties hereto for the purposes of identification;
Landing area means that part of a movement area intended for the landing or take-off of aircraft;
Rentable Area of the Building The amount of square footage set forth in Section 1.01(11)
Buildings means any and all buildings, structures, garages, utility sheds, workrooms, air conditioning towers, open parking areas and other improvements, and any and all additions, alterations, betterments or appurtenances thereto, now or at any time hereafter situated, placed or constructed upon the Land or any part thereof.
Underground area means an underground room, such as a basement, cellar, shaft or vault, providing enough space for physical inspection of the exterior of the tank situated on or above the surface of the floor.
Leased Premises means the Leased Premises as defined in Paragraph 1.
Production area means that part of the animal feeding operation that includes the animal confinement area, the manure storage area, the raw materials storage area, and the waste containment areas. The animal confinement area includes, but is not limited to, open lots, housed lots, feedlots, confinement houses, stall barns, free stall barns, milkrooms, milking centers, egg washing or egg processing areas, areas used for the storage and disposal/treatment of mortalities, cowyards, barnyards, medication pens, walkers, animal walkways, and stables. The manure storage area includes, but is not limited to, lagoons, runoff ponds, storage sheds, stockpiles, under-house or pit storages, liquid impoundments, static piles, and composting piles. The raw materials storage area includes, but is not limited to, feed silos, and silage bunkers. The waste containment area includes, but is not limited to, settling basins and areas within berms and diversions which separate uncontaminated stormwater.
the Building means, where applicable, the larger building or tenement of which the Property forms part.
Built-up area and/or “Covered Area” in relation to a Flat shall mean the floor area of that Flat including the area of balconies and terraces, if any attached thereto, and also the thickness of the walls (external or internal) and the columns and pillars therein Provided That if any wall, column or pillar be common between two Flats, then one-half of the area under such wall column or pillar shall be included in the built-up area of each such Flat.
Rentable Area of the Premises The amount of square footage set forth in Section 1.01(10).
Carpet Area means the net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or verandah area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment.
Easement Area means the area which is hatched on the plan.
Demised Premises or “Premises” (and whether or not capitalized) is used herein, it shall be understood to mean the “premises leased hereby”; and whenever the term “Entire Premises” is used herein (and whether or not capitalized), it shall be understood to mean all of the contiguous land and buildings owned by Landlord at this location, which include the premises leased hereby. The term “Non-leased Premises” shall mean the Entire Premises less the Leased Premises.
Lot area means the total horizontal area within the lot lines of a lot.
exploration area means that part of the Area allocated to the Contractor for exploration, described in schedule 1 hereto, as the same may be reduced from time to time in accordance with this contract and the Regulations;
Water surface elevation means the height, in relation to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) of 1929, (or other datum, where specified) of floods of various magnitudes and frequencies in the floodplains.
Building means any structure used or intended for supporting or sheltering any use or occupancy.