Transportation System definition

Transportation System means the facilities at any time in place to receive Shipper’s Gas at the Entry Point(s), process, handle, transport and redeliver the Gas at the Exit Point(s), in accordance with the Transportation Agreement, as detailed in Transportation System Description.
Transportation System means the state transportation infrastructure and related systems, including highways and toll roads open to the public and associated rights-of-way, bridges, vehicles, equipment, park and ride lots, transit stations, transportation management systems, intelligent vehicle highway systems, and other ground transportation systems.
Transportation System means the pipeline or facility operator as specified in the Schedules which prescribes the system of rules and procedures governing nominations, confirmations and determinations as to the delivery and receipt of gas for the applicable Delivery Point;

Examples of Transportation System in a sentence

  • Throughout any period of events in the Transportation System described in Article 9.5, the Shipper is obliged to pay the current Volume Tariff per Quantity of Gas delivered at GTF.

  • AAPA as well as 36 other industry groups such as the National Association of Waterfront Employers have asked Congress to consider funding the Maritime Transportation System Emergency Relief Program, which would help allow them to keep workers and customers safe and ensure supply chains continue moving.

  • A Shipper with other reasonably documented bona fide transportation needs may initiate bilateral negotiations with the Operator with the aim on agreeing on deviating rights and obligations under the negotiated third party access regime applicable to the Transportation System.

  • These Standard Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to the existing Transportation System as defined under Articles 2.1-2.2. The objective of these Standard Terms and Conditions is - together with a Framework Agreement entered into between the Parties - to regulate the Shipper’s and Operator’s rights and obligations in relation to the Shipper’s use of and the Operator’s provision of Transportation Ser- vices in the Transportation System.

  • The role of this transportation corridor as an important link in the Regional Transportation System should be complemented by urban design and land use policies which emphasize the needs of pedestrians and support transit.Density allocation and intensification along existing and future transit routes is encouraged.

More Definitions of Transportation System

Transportation System means the Bacton Facilities, the Zeebrugge Facilities and the Pipeline;
Transportation System means any pipeline and equipment system or network through which gas is transported by a Transporter, including the National Transmission System and any Independent Network;
Transportation System means all infrastructure and services for all forms of transportation within a geographical area, irrespective of the responsible jurisdiction or transportation provider.
Transportation System means, at any time, Transportation Facilities and all other facilities under control of the Transporter beyond the Transfer Point.
Transportation System means the Transmission System and the Distribution System;
Transportation System means either Gassled, Haltenpipe, the Knarr Gas Pipeline, the Valemon Rich Gas Pipeline, the Utsira High Gas Pipeline, Vestprosess, Polarled or Nyhamna Gas Plant as the case may be.
Transportation System means the facilities which are used by the licensee for the conveyance of gas within Great Britain.