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Transportation project contracts shall contain a schedule of estimated completion progress, and any acceleration of this progress shall be subject to the approval of the Department of Transportation provided funds are available.

Therefore, there is a need to provide information that discusses the safety improvement options for low-volume roadways.Objectives for year one of a Texas Department of Transportation project included identifying common types of crashes on low-volume roadways; characteristics of low-volume, rural two-lane highway crashes; and potential safety improvements.

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Transportation project means a highway project or a transit project.
Transportation project means one or more of the following:
Transportation project means any planning, capital or operating project with regard to transportation undertaken by the state; [, provided nothing contained in sections 13b-57d to 13b-57g, inclusive, shall be deemed to authorize the board to undertake any project other than strategic planning;]
Transportation project or "project" means any or the
Transportation project means a construction or mainte- nance project directed and supervised by the department that relates to an airport, railroad, highway, bridge, or other transporta- tion facility and that is subject to an agreement under s.30.2022.
Transportation project means capital projects for public