Lease Transaction definition

Lease Transaction means any of the following: (a) the execution of any new lease or other occupancy agreement for any portion of the Property; (b) any modification of the Lease or any other occupancy agreement affecting the Property; (c) the consent to any assignment of or subletting under the Lease; or (d) the termination of the Lease.
Lease Transaction the lease of the Initial Subordinated Property to the Lessee pursuant to the Lease Agreement.
Lease Transaction leases of Leased Equipment by Triad Financial and the Foreign Lease Subsidiaries as lessors to third party customers in the ordinary course of business and the sale of the lease payments thereon to FinanceCo in exchange for a security interest in the lease payments, the Chattel Paper and the Leased Equipment; together, the "Lease Transactions".

Examples of Lease Transaction in a sentence

  • Furthermore, for so long as net cash received (whether in the form of interest on bonds or otherwise) in connection with any Tax Driven Lease Transaction equals the net cash paid (whether in the form of rent or otherwise) under the applicable Tax Driven Lease Transaction Documents, such amounts shall be disregarded for purposes of calculating the Consolidated Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio.

  • The report must be made on the Loan to Licensees and Lease Transaction Reporting Form, or such other form as the Executive Director may hereafter require, with a fully executed copy of the financing agreement, and signed by an owner or key employee under oath.

  • In connection with any Agency Straight Lease Transaction or Agency Bond Transaction, the Agency may grant to the applicant certain exemptions from mortgage recording taxes, sales and use taxes and real property taxes.

  • Under the Lease Transaction, the Group has leased the assets to institutional investors in the United States (the “Investors”), who have prepaid all the rentals in relation to the lease agreement.

  • In the circumstances of this Example 4, the Section 16.10.1 Number that is applicable to this Lease immediately following the assumed Section New Lease Transaction, would, pursuant to this Section, be increased from one (1) to two (2), because both requirement (a) and requirement (b) above are met, and all of requirement (x) (as described in Example 2), requirement (y) (because the Coverage Ratio for nursing centers covered by this Lease is fourteen percent (14%) higher (1.45 x.

More Definitions of Lease Transaction

Lease Transaction means a lease transaction in respect of an Undivided Interest between a Facility Lessee and an Owner Lessor that is financed in part by the issuance of Lessor Notes to the Pass Through Trust, as contemplated by the Participation Agreement and the agreements and instruments referred to therein.
Lease Transaction means the series of transactions where Sabine will transfer the Excluded Real Property to the Real Estate Entity and Real Estate Entity and ClearOne will enter into the Lease Agreement for leasing such real property, and the SBA Loan shall be paid or assumed by ClearOne so that it is no longer secured by the Excluded Real Property, such transactions to occur prior to or at Closing.
Lease Transaction means a presentation made to the retail lessee concerning the motor vehicle, including a sales presentation or a document presented to the retail lessee, resulting in the execution of a lease agreement.
Lease Transaction means a financing arrangement provided by Seller with respect to any type of equipment or property and regardless of whether the transaction takes the form of a lease agreement, a conditional sales agreement, loan and security agreement or promissory note, under which Seller is the lessor, seller, lender, secured party or assignee thereof.
Lease Transaction means any of the following actions by Seller with respect to any Lease (or proposed Lease): (a) the execution of any new Lease; (b) the renewal or material modification of any Lease (other than the Lease with Prime Logistics); or (c) the termination of any Lease (other than the Lease with Prime Logistics) other than on account of a default by the applicable tenant thereunder.
Lease Transaction shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.8(b).
Lease Transaction means any of the following actions by Seller with respect to any Lease (or proposed Lease): (a) the execution of any new Lease; (b) the renewal or material modification of any Lease, or the consent to any assignment of or subletting under any Lease, other than any renewal, expansion, assignment or subletting that Seller is obligated to enter into or approve under the terms of the Leases; or (c) the termination of any Lease.