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The Motor Vehicle means Motor vehicle:- Registration Number:- Make and Model:-
The Motor Vehicle means the motor vehicle specified in the Schedule.
The Motor Vehicle means the motor car specified in the Schedule.

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The Consumer Finance Act; (B) The Consumer Installment Loan Act; (C) The Retail Installment Sales Act; (D) The Motor Vehicle Retail Installment Sales Act; (E) The Interest Act; (F) The Illinois Wage Assignment Act; (G) Part 8 of Article XII of the Code of Civil Procedure; or (H) The Consumer Fraud Act.

The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 (2010), Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt.

The Motor Vehicle Fund accounts for revenues derived from motor vehicle licenses, gasoline taxes, grants, and permissive sales taxes.

The Motor Vehicle Review Board must send the licensee written notice and demand for payment of the fees or costs at least 2 times, and the second notice and demand must be sent by certified mail.

The Motor Vehicle Division is not required to give notice under this Subsection (5) if a report was received by a tow truck operator or tow truck motor carrier reporting a tow truck service in accordance with Subsection 72-9-603(1)(a)(i).

The Motor Vehicle Division shall forward a copy of the notice to the place where the vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor is stored.

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, established in terms of section 3 of the Act repealed under section 33, shall continue to exist as if established under this Act.

Motorised Two Wheelers (Motor Trade Only) It is hereby declared and agreed that Item 5 in the Schedule to this Policy is deemed to have been deleted and the following substituted there for: The Motor Vehicle: Any Motorised Two Wheeler (including sidecar attached thereto) the property of the insured or insured’s custody or control whilst bearing Trade Certificate No...........

The Motor Vehicle Division incorporates the following portions of the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations by reference.

The Motor Vehicle Review Board Fund is created as a special fund in the State Treasury.

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The Motor Vehicle means the motor vehicle details of which are given in Schedule 8; `THE PLANT' means all fixed and loose plant, machinery, tools, furniture and equipment owned by the Vendor for the purpose of the Business and situated at the Properties on Completion;
The Motor Vehicle means the jeep alleged to have caused the plaintiff’s injuries and de- scribed in the plaintiff’s complaint.

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New motor vehicle means a motor vehicle, regardless of the mileage of the vehicle, the legal or
Antique motor vehicle means every motor vehicle, as defined in this section, which was actually
Used motor vehicle means any vehicle other than a new motor vehicle as defined in this section.
Motor vehicle means land vehicles propelled other than by muscular power, such as automobiles, motorcycles, autocycles, and low speed vehicles. For the purposes of this definition, motor vehicle does not include farm equipment, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorized wheelchairs, go-carts, gas buggies, golf carts, ski-slope grooming machines, or vehicles that run only on rails or tracks.
Commercial motor vehicle means a motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicles used in commerce to transport passengers or property if the motor vehicle:
Motor Vehicles means motor vehicles, tractors, trailers and other like property, whether or not the title thereto is governed by a certificate of title or ownership.
Uninsured motor vehicle means a land motor vehicle or trailer of any type:
Motor vehicle fuel means gasoline. It does not include aviation gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas in liquid or gaseous form, or racing fuel.
Used motor vehicle dealer means a person that is engaged in the business of purchasing, selling, exchanging, or dealing in used motor vehicles and that has an established place of business in this state at which it conducts that business. The term does not include a new motor vehicle dealer purchasing, selling, exchanging, or dealing in used motor vehicles as part of its business of purchasing, selling, exchanging, or dealing in new motor vehicles.
New motor vehicle dealer means a person, including a distributor, that holds a dealer agreement granted by a manufacturer, distributor, or importer for the sale or distribution of its motor vehicles; is engaged in the business of purchasing, selling, exchanging, or dealing in new motor vehicles; and has an established place of business in this state.
Regulated motor vehicle surface means any of the following, alone or in combination:
Motor vehicle salesperson or "salesperson" means (i) any person who is hired as an employee by a
Underinsured motor vehicle means a land motor vehicle or trailer of any type to which a bodily injury liability bond or policy applies at the time of the accident but its limit for bodily injury liability is less than the limit of liability for this coverage.
Motor vehicle surface means any pervious or impervious surface that is intended to be used by “motor vehicles” and/or aircraft, and is directly exposed to precipitation including, but not limited to, driveways, parking areas, parking garages, roads, racetracks, and runways.
Motor vehicle dealer or "dealer" means any person who:
Motor vehicle record means any record that pertains to a motor vehicle operator’s permit, motor vehicle title, motor vehicle registration, or identification card issued by a department of motor vehicles;
Your Vehicle means an Eligible Vehicle purchased by You being the vehicle specified on the certificate of insurance.
passenger vehicle means a motor vehicle (other than a motor cycle or invalid carriage) constructed solely for the carriage of passengers and their effects and adapted to carry not more than twelve passengers exclusive of the driver, and not drawing a trailer;
Toy vehicle means any motorized or propellant-driven device that has no manufacturer-issued
Pledged Asset Mortgage Servicing Agreement The Pledged Asset Mortgage Servicing Agreement, dated as of February 28, 1996 between MLCC and the Master Servicer. Pooling and Servicing Agreement or Agreement: With respect to any Series, this Standard Terms together with the related Series Supplement.
Electric vehicle means a road vehicle that draws propulsion energy only from an on-board source of electrical energy.
Motor home means every private motor vehicle with a normal seating capacity of not more than 10
Public Vehicle means a Person whose securities are listed and traded on a national securities exchange and shall include a majority owned subsidiary of any such Person or any operating partnership through which such Person conducts all or substantially all of its business.
Light vehicle means a motor vehicle commonly referred to as an automobile, van, sport utility
All-terrain vehicle means a motorized flotation-tire vehicle with not less than three low-pressure tires, but not more than six low-pressure tires, or a two-wheeled off-road motorcycle, that is limited in engine displacement to less than 800 cubic centimeters and in total dry weight to less than 850 pounds and that has a seat or saddle designed to be straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering control and any other vehicle registered under Iowa Code chapter 321I.
Low-speed vehicle means any four-wheeled electrically powered or gas-powered vehicle, except a motor vehicle or low-speed vehicle that is used exclusively for agricultural or horticultural purposes or a golf cart, whose maximum speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour and is manufactured to comply with safety standards contained in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, § 571.500.