Restructuring Transaction definition

Restructuring Transaction means a tax free distribution under section 355 of the internal revenue code and includes tax free transactions under section 355 of the internal revenue code that are commonly referred to as spin offs, split ups, split offs, or type D reorganizations.
Restructuring Transaction means the transactions contemplated by this Plan (including any Alternative Sale Transaction that occurs pursuant to section 10.1 hereof).
Restructuring Transaction means any of the "Restructuring Transactions," as such term is defined in the Plan of Reorganization.

Examples of Restructuring Transaction in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the foregoing, the releases set forth above do not release any post-Effective Date obligations of any party or Entity under the Plan, any Restructuring Transaction, or any document, instrument, or agreement (including those set forth in the Plan Supplement) executed to implement the Plan.

  • In addition, in the case of a Restructuring Transaction in which the shares of a Restructure Security are issued or distributed to the holders of shares of an Original Equity Security, the Exchange may determine that either the Share Guideline or the Number of Shareholders Guideline is satisfied based upon the Exchange’s knowledge of the outstanding shares or number of shareholders of the Original Equity Security.

  • Number of the share subscription rights of the Restructuring Company to be delivered The same number as the number of the share subscription rights held by the share subscription right holder of the Remaining Share Subscription Rights as of the effectuation of the Restructuring Transaction shall be delivered, respectively.

  • The first component of the Restructuring Transaction consisted of a Global Settlement Agreement whereby insured credit swap counterparties’ claims were settled in consideration for a cash payment of approximately $209 million and surplus notes with a face value of approximately $950 million.

  • The third component of the Restructuring Transaction centered on the Intercompany Agreement which treated ACACH and its non-ACA FG subsidiaries as one sub-group and ACA FG and its subsidiary as a separate sub-group.

More Definitions of Restructuring Transaction

Restructuring Transaction means any transaction or a series of transactions pursuant to which:
Restructuring Transaction means the restructuring transaction completed on June 17, 2010 between the Company, PrivateCo and Subco pursuant to the terms of the Amended Amalgamation Agreement and included the election of a new Board of Directors, the appointment of a new management team and a change of name of the Company from “Tango Energy Inc.” to “Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.”;
Restructuring Transaction means (a) a recapitalization transaction involving, in whole or in part, Sellers and its existing security holders or creditors, or (b) a transaction or series of transactions, including by way of a plan of reorganization, in connection with a liquidation or reorganization or other continuation of Seller's business relating to some or all of the Purchased Assets.
Restructuring Transaction means any merger, consolidation or recapitalization of the Company (or, if the capital stock of the Company is affected, any Subsidiary of the Company), or any sale, lease, or other transfer (in one transaction or a series of transactions contemplated or arranged by any party as a single plan) of all or substantially all of the assets of the Company.
Restructuring Transaction has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 7.03(d).
Restructuring Transaction means the execution and delivery of appropriate agreements or other documents of merger, consolidation, restructuring, conversion, disposition, transfer, dissolution or liquidation containing terms as are summarized in the Plan Supplement and consistent with the Plan (and, to the extent applicable, the Equity Purchase Agreement) and that satisfy the applicable requirements of applicable law and any other terms to which the applicable Persons agree.
Restructuring Transaction means any transaction contemplated in connection with the Restructuring, including as set forth in Article IV.B of this Plan.